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Prowell's Post Modern Garden Gate #201



This Garden Gate is Base Price + 150% (with acrylic)
Base Price + 110% (w/o acrylic)
Base Price + 70% (w/o acrylic or the epoxy inlay)

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Furthering a passing fascination with translucent acrylic rod and the arc of a rising or setting sun. A confluence of wood, tinted epoxy, acrylic rod, and teak grids make for a Garden Gate that's all about form.

modern wood gate


Morgan Hill, CA

The contemporary lines of Garden Gate #201 shown in Morgan Hill, CA.

Contemporary wood gate in Morgan Hill, CA
Morgan Hill, CA
An early 1950's residence modified and retrofitted by husband and wife architects.

contemporary architectural wood gates



Prowell shown in the shop with nearly completed Garden Gates #201 and #200

Prowell's modern custom gates



he following four images, from top left clockwise, show the gate facing a setting sun, with the angle of the sun changing over the course of 45 minutes, and the resulting rods diffusing from those on the left of the gate to those on the right side of the gate. An identical effect with the sunrise.

* Shown below with a series of small arylic plates within the teak Gridwork, which have since been eliminated.

Wooden Gates
Custom Wood Gate  



Designer Gates Wooden



Charles using a hand scraper in lieu of a final sanding.

Gate Design
Fences Gates  




Featured in:
Fine Homebuilding
April 2016

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Gate #201 featured on

Featured in:
Garden Design 2014

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  designing a contemporary garden gate

We can expect a secondary reward to these rods when exposed to the direct sunlight. Depending on a southern exposure and the progressing arc of the sun, the rods will illuminate, or back-light, in a succession to the sun's tragectory. The time it takes to pass from the rods on the right of the gate to those on the left should be about 15 minutes, and something of a conversational piece in itself. The same timetable between those rods in the upper half of the gate and those in the lower, with the upper illuminating for sunsets and the lower illuminating first for sunrises.

  modern gate designs

  unusual garden gates

Carefully working the expoxy to avoid any air bubbles.

  Garden gates with epoxy

  Best finishes for wood garden gates, by prowell



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+ 150% (with acrylic)
+ 110% (w/o acrylic)
+ 70% (w/o acrylic or the epoxy inlay)