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Prowell's Escher Wood Gate #207






Gate #207 is a study in illusory planes.
As a teenager, Charles first discovered the illustrations of MC Escher within the shelves of his mother's reference library. Also an illustrator, she maintained a large inventory of those whose work she found either inspiring or technically beneficial to her own work. But to Charles, Escher represented a trend in geometric lines and intersecting planes he would identify with for the rest of his life.

Exceptional wood gate #207

contemporary wood gate design #207



The back, or property side, photographed prior to the finish.
modern unique wood gate #207



    GARDEN GATE #207_1



With 207-1 we've eliminated the two vertical mid-stiles and manipulated the arrangement of the light and dark tones of cedar for a wholly new effect.

To enhance and maintain the lighter and darker tones, the gate has been finished with two sprayed coats of WoodRX 'Natural, with a lifeline of 7-8- years.

Identical on both sides.

Prowell's Exceptional and Unique wood gates 207



  #207 Progress                              

The pattern must be joined and assembled in a specific sequence.


  #207 Progress                              

  #207 Progress                              

By the time the final assembly arrives, the multitude of joints comprising the inner layouts have been reduced to a single entity.






Wood gates in Fine Homebuilding

Golden State Gate Builders
by Ben and Charles Prowell
Featuring gate #207, among others.

Fine Homebuilding
April 2016

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wood gates Two of the more geometric examples of the work of M.C. Escher.
Stare at them long enough and you'll develop a headache.

Illussion wood gates   Escher wood gates by prowell


wood gates Rummaging through old photos and discovering something worth noting. In his third year at Southern Illinois University, Charles shared a dank, swampy basement with five others. Desperate for a private studio, a niche was claimed within the boilerroom. Pinned to the brick is a miscellany of sketches as well as a mural that might be more of a testament to the culture of 1970 than anything of artistic merit.

But it's the painting in the upper left that catches our eye. Having given up on the staid parameters of architecture that winter for the surreal and mind-expanding Art Department, he repeatedly produced paintings of geometrical influence. The same interlocking vectors that show up in works like gate #207, 45 years later. What makes it more interesting is the paintings were his rendition of live nude model classes. Until eventually his professor kindly suggested that he head over to the Design Department, foregoing the nudes for the direct rebuttals of Professor Buckminster Fuller's brand of art.





wood gates
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