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Prowell's Feathering Wood Garden Gate #209






A study in feathered laminations and grounding grids.

Exceptional Wood Gate #209



Unique Wood Gates #209




Amazing Wood Gates #209



Unusual Wood Gates #209





The slats ripped to dimension and passed through the drum sander before receiving the glue below as they are set onto the clamping form.

  Complex Wood Gates #209

The first truss.

The individual 1/4" strips are glued and clamped to the profile of the form. Once dry, the glue of each individual strip maintains the final profile of the clamping form.

  wood gates with bent laminations

The second truss.

Following the same system.

The top clamping cleats are used to create an even pressure conformed to the profile of the form

  Wood Gates with complex joinery

Below we see the primary truss and the pencil lines of a proposed feathering.

  Phenomenol wood gates #209

Three additional layers are added to the original profile, with each layer feathering off to the shape of the clamping forms shown below.

  Incredible Wood Gates #209

The feathering truss being planed with a raduis plane.

  Designer wood gates #209

Stanley Victor #20 Cast Iron Circular Compass Plane. Circa 1879.

  Stanley Victor #20 Compass plane

The primary laminated truss, finding its place that will in turn impact all other componanta to follow.

  How to design a wood gate

  Wood gates with arches and laminations

A fourth, smaller radus being clamped up on a form that will get stashed in the loft, waiting along with the other forms for the 209 that will make the next 209 a little simpler.

  Complex Wood gates #209

  building the exceptional wood gate #209

The thru tenon for the top rail, which bears the greatest stress load.

  Tye best joinery for wood gates

All the primary trusses laid out for a glue-up assembly. The remaining componants will be set later

  Moderne wood gates #209

The top joint #9. Beyond the structural plus, the joint has the advantage of being permanently set at any time. The long tenon simply slides into place at it's full 9"+ length, and completed eventually with the locking pins from the top and the oak wedges driven into the two kerfs shown below.

  Contemporary wood gates #209

To stabilize the eye, a grid of 1-1/2" openings.

  Striking wood gates 3209

In a box kept under the back workbench we keep an assortment of metal architectural scale rules and some 30+ french curves. In all, counting those inherited and kept in a separate location, Prowell possesses some 75 french curves of every size conceivable.

The french curves are invaluable to creating the orientation and fluxuation of any radius as a real-time, hands-on tool. The original medley of french curves used by Charles, his mother, and his Uncle Charley disappeared as a drafting aid decades ago when Charles migrated from the drafting board to the CAD in the late 80's.

The scale rules shown in the lower compartment are utilized when considering a photo sent in to aid us with a design proposal. Deternining a scale in proportion to the photo can in turn determine the dimensions of everything else in the photo.

  using french Curves for wood gates

What's next? Duplicate the grid on the left, where the eventual latch will be, with another, smaller grid on the opposite side.

Lewella, as in Lewella Longings, shown waiting to clean up the day's mess.

  Abstract wood gates #209

Meanwhile, the shop comes to a grinding halt to accommodate photographers from Taunton Press.

  Prowell and Tainton press

Five hours of standing around.

  Prowell and Fine Homebuilding magazine

  Artistic wood gates 3209



Featured in:
Fine Homebuilding
April 2016

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