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Prowell's Perspective Wood Garden Gate #211





Garden Gate #211 is an excursion into the illusion of vanishing perspectives.

What does that mean, Vanishing Perspectives?
1) Definition: Creating the illusion of 3-D depth from a 2-D platform.
2) Definition: Considering an object or entity from a point of removal, such as how succeeding generations view an act of history with a continuum that is influenced, but distinct. e.g. as Milan Kundera suggests, the soldier who served under Stalin was tutored in obedience to the greater cause, while somewhat disturbed with the ruthless dismissal of human life. That soldier's son, born at the time of Stalin's death, hears his father's stories and, upon reaching maturity, makes his own assessment regarding Stalin as a considerably less benevolent figure who exemplified the strength of cruelty. The soldier's granddaughter, born 25 years after Stalin's death, listens to her father's assessment and upon reaching maturity, arrives at a perspective influenced by present-day revelations on history and firmly holds Stalin's place in history as a rampaging cold-blooded murderer on a scale far exceeding Adolf Hitler. The graduations from the soldier to his granddaughter can syntactically be referred to as Vanishing Perspectives.

Unique wood gate #211

The back, or property side.

Exceptional wood garden gates #211 by Prowell

Fine wood gates from the #200 series


High end wood gate designs by Prowell





Determining perspectives on the drafting board began with the tutelage of Charles' mother, a painter and illustrator. It was revisited in college, and over and over throughout the last 40 or so years.

how to draw perspectives

Obviously, it can get busy, depending on the number of planes.
drating perspectives


The tangible layout of the lower perspective is not drawn from a patterned slab, but in fact a series of blocks. Every one of them is a different length, width, angle, and thickness.

  Imaginative garden gates by Prowell

To our competitors --if they exist--it must appear laughably inefficient.

  Innovative garden gate designs by prowell

As always with the 200 series, there is a vague image of the gate as a whole languishing in Charles' mind. An ephemeral end spiked with opportunities to change course at every juncture of the process.

  Vanishing perspective wood gate

A division, introduce to demarcate the lower effect from whatever follows within the upper section.

  perspective garden gate

Flanking shoulders tapered to frame the blocks such that the viewer's eyes don't go cattywampas.

  Perspective cedar gate

Laminating a biased arc and suddenly there is a ballast. The eye can no longer dwell interminably on the lower blocks

  vanishing perspectve cedar gate

The upper pattern begins to establish itself apart from the lower. Begins to insist on the equal representation of the whole.

  Unusual wood garden gates #211 by prowell

But it asks for more. Something more in a struggle to establish an identity and if we listen, listen to the Upper, it will naturally continue to ask for more, and more, until the Upper itself becomes the headliner.

So . . . Inlaying a series of wenge perspective coordinates into the upper canopy.

  garden gates as works of art, by prowell

The Upper is happy . . . or happ-ier. Drawing it's share of your attention in the behavioral manner anything with molecules can understand.

  How to build a prowell wood gate

Having succeeded in securing Charles' focused attention, Upper goes a step further. A sweet-talking, condescending maneuver that leads this once pubescent Upper into it's own maturity.

  Striking wood gates by Prowell

  Designer wood gates by prowell

At this juncture, the visual alliance of Upper and Lower are near equals, and any further personalities in the mix can be realized as a mistake. We have established what the common eye can digest a a glance.

  extraordinary wood gates #211 by prowell

The remaining open pockets are in-filled with solid floating panels. Below, the top panel cut to receding tapers and clamped by means of wedges, with a strongback screwed down to the clamping frames to insure the glue-up remains flat under the pressure of the wedges.

  Distinct wood gates by Prowell Woodworks

As a mimicking feature to the Upper's wenge spokes, the Top Panel receives a similar identity. A sibling's kinship.

  Unique wood gates from Prowell

. Below, cutting the profile for the top panel.

  Charles Prowell building a unique wood gate



The primary stile-to-rail joinery is somewhat complicated. A thru-tenon burrowed 3" into the horizontal rails and pegged with a 5/16" diameter oak dowel. The rest of the tenon carries all the way through the vertical stiles and is spread tight to the mortise shoulders with a pair of wenge wedges (shown below). The shoulders of the mortise are squared off. As the gate is exposed to the elements and moisture, the tenon expands, and thus tightens even further. A resilient joint above the reproach of Mississippi summers or Minnesota winters.

  Wood Joinery for an elaborate wood gate




wood gates



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