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Prowell's Wood Garden Gate #213





Garden Gate #213 is probably more about form than function. An endless procession of intersecting, hand-cut joints.

  Abstract Wood Garden Gate #213

  Beautiful wood garden gate #213



  Unique wood garden gate #213

  Modern Wood Garden Gate #213



  Artistic Wood garden gate #213


Feburary 2017


Garden Gate #213 begins with tapered stiles and rails and the convoluted joinery of the bottom rail.


Adding a series of gang laminations clamped to a mold with a slight cresting radius. Two sets, each with a slightly different profile.

Each lamination is a group of three. All of them with a center strip in the dark wenge, sandwiched in either white oak or sepele.


To continue the tapering theme, the laminations are arranged to accentuate their slight profiles and funneling to a narrow point on the right.


Each set is cut by hand and on the bandsaw to fit within its pocket, while extending to traverse the stiles.


A typical fit




With a rough fitted result that establishes the anchor of what's to come.


To secure the structural support of what we'll call the 'feathered ribbons', a spline at 5-1/4"W x 1-1/4"T is introduced and set at an angle. The spline is three pieces, grooved and dadoed to accept various reliefs and inserts and because the joinery is too cumbersome for the mortiser, we use a portable Festool XL DF mortiser.

  building a complex prowell wood gate

Although not a substitute for our Laguna horizontal floor mortiser, the Festool portable tool is a welcome contributor in any shop, providing access and ease to those configurations where you simply cannot bring the work to the tool. One of those tools that has allowed a generation of recreational woodworkers to accomplish a level of joinery not otherwise available.


The spline has a number of planes and reliefs anchored by the introduction of primary-red acrylic




A series of what might be construed as reeds in a marsh, flaring up lazily from the bottom rail. Cut on a band saw and then trued by hand with a beveled spokeshave (see insert)


The approach hasn't changed: Make up a series of pieces and set them out as if playing with Legos, looking for the right piece in the right spot.




A traffic jam of hand tools scattered everywhere.

Each reed takes about 4 hours to fit into place like a puzzle.




The business portion of the gate shown as a stand-alone assembly. Everything joined and glued up, enabling everything so far to be set to the stiles and rails. The remaining details can be joined as we go, knowing that everything so far will not be shifting and nudging.




Charles smiling at the very thought of moving on to something a little less complex.







The Very End



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