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Prowell's Colonial Garden Gate #23
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The Colonial Gate with the Williamsburg Weave and Cresting Arch. A pattern showing up first in the drawings Thomas Jefferson designed for one of 20 Wooden Colonial Gates in Charlottesville, VA--on the campus of his University of Virgina.

Rocky Mountain gate Latch E414 in dark bronze

colonial wood garden gates #23


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    Base Price + 21%

Palo Alto, CA

A Double Colonial Garden Gate #23-5 Sent in from Palo Alto, CA.
Shown with matching colonial Fence style #23

The photograph invites us into believing our patron, Dolores, has just returned from the local market, wheeling her bike through the garden gates and onto the new patio where she pauses to unlace her bonnet and from the basket grab her fresh beans and rhubarb and skips into the kitchen whistling something or another, her mind occupied by dinner, by what she can work up with a little of this n' that as the neighbors begin wandering toward that patio, nonchalantly, lead by the anticipation of something doing in the kitchen and by the idea of another evening on the patio and an hour of conversation relished with the pace of molasses and how it shows that sometimes the smallest strides end up bringing the greatest pleasures. A new patio, born from a few bricks and some mortar and a string of lights and a gate with it's sisterly fence that, given the social graces of Dolores, the hostess, seems hardly worthy. And yet proud to be a part of the leisure known to this home.

custom wood colonial garden gate #23 in Palo Alo, CA


Palo Alto, CA

The double Gates as seen upon approach to the new patio.

colonial wood gates in palo alto, ca


    GARDEN GATE #23-6
wood gates
    Base Price + 21%


Hillsborough, CA

Double Gate #23 along the peninsula south of San Francisco

A painted finish, applied on site.

double colonial wood gates in Hillsborough, ca



    GARDEN GATE #23-1
wood gates
    Base Price + 25%


Illustrating how the Colonial Weave can vary within the given widths. By introducing a vertical divider, and lowering or raising the middle rail, the angle of the Weave changes accordingly, affecting the proportionate look of the Gate Design.

Every commission receives dimensioned drawings prior to any work beginning--in part this is to provide you with a proportionate display of how certain patterns can vary with different widths and heights.

wood colonial gate #23




Fence Style #23 as a typical accompaniment to Prowell' Colonial Gate style #23

wood colonial fence design


    GARDEN GATE #23-2
wood gates
    Base Price + 21%


Marin County, CA

As double gates in Marin County, California showing the wider widths altering the proportions of the pattern.

Colonial Gate #23 is available with or without the lower open slots.

Showing Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E701. The one of the right is operable. The one on the left is a dummy.
wood colonial gates #23 in Marin County, ca



    GARDEN GATE #23-3
wood gates
    Base Price + 21%

Ross, CA

Prowell's original Colonial Garden Gate #23 (circa 1995), in Marin County, CA

wood colonial gate #23 in Marin County


  wood gates    

Farmville, VA.

Garden Gate #23-4 in Virginia

At first glance, it might seem that the gate is disproportionately shorter than the flanking fence. And yet if you imagine the gates at the same 9' height, the assembly becomes an overwhelming fortress.

gates wooden colonial in Virginia



August 2013

Ben shown dry-fitting the pattern to a typical #23.

Ben prowell building the colonial gate #23

Below, in 2003.

Ben and charles building garden gate #23


Charles experimenting with the original pattern. As with so many of the designs, it begins as a speculative venture, which may or may not resonate with the needs or appeals of a supportive public.

charles prowell building the original gate #23


Wood gates in Fine Homebuilding

Golden State Gate Builders
by Ben and Charles Prowell
Featuring gate #23, among others.

Fine Homebuilding
April 2016

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Featured in:
This Old House
Magazine 2002
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