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Prowell's Scalloped Garden Gate #25
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Prowell's Wooden Gate with a Scalloped Top Rail. The soft radius of the Wood Gate #25.

And yet again Lincoln Regards is guilty of overreacting.

Reverse arch wood garden gate



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Dana Point, CA

wood gates Wooden Gate #25 south of Los Angeles, shown with Arbor #10. The arbor arrives as an extension, mounting to your posts with the accompanying caps or invisible threaded rod

For reference, the below gate is 42" rough opening width between posts x 50" height from grade to the spring-points (where the scalloped arch begins)

Rocky Mountain latch E501



    GARDEN GATE #25-1
wood gates
    Base Price

wood gates
Lakeside, Michigan

Wooden Garden Gate #25 as a double gate in upstate Michigan.

As a note, #25 is offered to a maximum 60" height. For gates taller than 60", we introduce what are called Pattern Blocks, joined between the pickets to stabilize them from potentially bowing and cupping. An example of this can be seen on Gate style #57. The other option is to add a middle horizontal rail separating the upper and lower pickets.

custom wood gate #25 in Michigan


    GARDEN GATE #25-2
wood gates
    Base Price

wood gates
Davidsonville, Maryland

Wooden Gate #25 as a single gate.

small wood side gate in Washington DC Beltway

wood gates
Davidsonville, Maryland

After a while you learn to see a photo of a house and its landscape and match it to a location. More or less.
--We can eliminate the plains states because of the tree species and grade.
--And anywhere in the south for the same reasons as well as the architecture. (Except possibly those communities north of Atlanta)
--We can forget all of California and Oregon and most of Washington but for a few areas near Puget Sound. But unlikely given the Colonial / Federal Revival architecture.
--We can dismiss the entire southwest Sunbelt, obviously.
--We can dismiss the northern Midwest and corn belt who build such a house only if it were a kit and they were relocated from the east.
--We can dismiss KY, TN, MO, OH, IN and WV as it is too formal and manicured with the exception of Lexington, but Lexington mailboxes have equestrian motifs.
--We can dismiss New England because of the Colonial Williamsburg pattern of the railing on the upper terrace.
--And mid-Atlantic states because of the circular portal window and mullions within the steep front gable
--Suddenly the search narrows and a wise assumption would put it somewhere within the DC beltway, which shares a penchant for John Adams Colonial Salt boxes of Massachusetts and Thomas Jefferson's penchant for his alma mater College of William and Mary and of course Pierre Charles L'Enfant, responsible for the aesthetic signature of the new capital and elsewhere with the Federalism of his French origins.

Where, exactly, within the beltway, is impossible to pinpoint. So . . . checking our database for this order and we see that it was shipped to Davidsonville, MD, close to Annapolis. Which suddenly has Charles reminiscing of Annapolis itself, en route to the Lewes and Rehobeth beaches of Delaware and so many wonderful drives through Maryland and Virginia and one of the many superlatives associated with the Beltway. The accessible road trips.

  wood garden gate #25 in Maryland


    GARDEN GATE #25-4
wood gates
    Base Price + 23%

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Vancouver, WA

Gate style #25 with the scallop as a full 360 radius. A half circle, essentially.




    GARDEN GATE #25-5
wood gates
    Base Price

wood gates
Kamuela, Hawaii

Garden Gate #25-5 with it's popular companion, Arbor #10 in Hawaii.

arched wood gate in Hawaii. prowell


    GARDEN GATE #25-6
wood gates
    Base Price

wood gates
Guerneville, CA (Russian River, Sonoma County, CA)

Garden Gate #25-6 and Arbor #10, flanked by a 3rd-party fence.

Arching arbor #10 with arching garden gate 25. prowell



wood gates
Guerneville, CA (Russian River, Sonoma County, CA)


arched garden gate #25 and Arbor. prowell



wood gates
Guerneville, CA

Not long after the gate was delivered and hung, the Russian River experienced it's once-a-decade flood. The gate doesn't mind. Nor does pooch, it seems.

wood gate 25 in flood. prowell



    GARDEN GATE #25-3
wood gates
    Base Price + 8%

wood gates
Mill Valley, CA

We depart slightly from the #25 to add a horizontal middle rail.

One of the early guinea-pig gates created following the two-year developmental stage back in 1991-1993. For so many years thhroug the 70's and 80's there was a circle of patrons in San Francisco and Marin County who steadfastly supported Prowell Woodworks and who were summarily bullied into commissioning these first prototypes for the garden gate.

And yes, those are bowling balls!

wood garden gates in marin country



garden gate wooden

Garden Gate #25 can be seen on:



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