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Prowell's Diagonal Pattern Wood Garden Gates #26
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wood gates
Oakland, CA

Our Double Wood Entry Gates #26 was drawn from the precedent of an existing window, seen just above the gates below. A prominent window, along a prominent street. In choosing this detail, we establish a lifetime fence that might seem as if it were designed and built to the original home itself--circa 1912.

Shown with the original fence style #9
The following photo was taken on a recent visit to the site in Spring of 2013. 19 years after the original installation.

Custom Wood Garden Gates #26 in Oakland, CA



wood gates
Oakland, CA

The above gate as it appeared upon installation in 1995.

With a sloping walk, as seen in the picture to the left, often a rubber 'sweep' is employed as one of several options.

If we were to otherwise conform the bottom of the Wood Gate to the sloping walk, we would be to draw the eye to what appeared as an aberration in the Gate's geometry

Wood Fence Gate in Oakland



wood gates
Oakland, CA

A closer look at the upper pattern created for Wood Gates #26

Wood Garden Gates #26

wood gates
Oakland, CA

The, by now, rather famous window.

Garden Gate



wood gates
Oakland, CA

Garden Gate #26, and Wood Fence Panels #9, in Oakland, CA. in 1995

garden gates in Oakland, california

wood gates
Oakland, CA

And again in May 2013

Wood Gate and Custom wood fence in Oakland


wood gates  
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