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Prowell's Arts and Crafts Garden Gate #3
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Prowell's Garden Gate #3 is a derivative of Gate #85, with both gate designs featuring the tapered vertical stiles.

custom wood gates in Pasadena and Altadena, california



Altadena, CA

Garden Gate #3 near Pasadena, CA)

Often, a home can be poised within several architectural motifs, with the definition of the entry gate and a few other telling details serving to tilt the balance. Although not a pure bungalow nor even an Arts & Crafts home, the combination of the gate's upper grids and the tapered stiles convinces the approaching first-time visitor of what to expect within.

The tapered stiles is fairly rare. Although not something we would ever find on the Chicago style brick bungalows of the later 1930's, it does surface on the more wood-oriented Arts & Crafts style homes, defined also by their deep eaves and low-pitched roof-lines championed by Henry and Charles Greene, two architects, and brothers, whose work at the turn of the 20th century culminated with the Gamble House, in Pasadena, California and a next door community to Altadena.

For architectural enthusiasts like Charles, there is a hierarchy of neighborhoods in America that offer the most rewarding hikes. Chicago's Oak Park / River Forest for the Prairie House; Santa Monica for the west coast interpretation of Art Deco; Miami for more Art Deco; Boston for the inimitable Salt Box; San Francisco for the wood-framed Victorians; Georgetown for the high-end Williamsburg-Colonial; elsewhere in the Washington area the big columned Federalist portico; throughout Vermont the classic two-story American farmhouse; in NYC the endless surviving Art Nouveau apartment highrises. Charleston and through the South for the antebellum mansions poised like maiden belles at a tea party. And on and on. Such outings make for wonderful respites while lending some whistful purpose to the known benefits of a brief change of scenery in all of our lives. You return a little more efficient, a little more relaxed, and a few less cobwebs clogging the artieries.

We'll include a photo of Greene and Green's Gamble House (scroll down), in itself worth scheduling a vacation to Los Angeles.

Craftsman garden gates in Pasadena



Altadena, CA

The Prowell Jambs are cut at an angle ( called a chamfer) at the top to fit snugly beneath the overhang cap, with the exposed portion--the chamfered portion--allowing the rain and moisture to gravitate down. The vast majority of those gates mounting to masonry columns or walls follow this procedure, with the top of the gate level with the lower line of the chamfer cut, which results in the top of the gate about 3/4" below the bottom of the masonry cap.

wood gates, craftsman



#3 is in part the product of our patron, a California architect who borrowed and swapped from our existing styles to settle on something at once new and similar. The grid pattern is largely reminiscent of #68 and #67, and of course the tapered stiles of #85. The end result is an interactive success.

grid patterns for wood gates




    GARDEN GATE #3-1
    Base Price + 15%

Garden Gate #3-1 is identical to the above #3 but for the standard vertical stiles, which are not tapered.

custom wood gate #3 by Prowell

San Anselmo, CA
Garden Gate #3-1 in Marin County.
Shingled side-walls, such as this, are a distinct architectural motif that suggests a more natural, or organic landscape. Hence, the gates are often left to weather into a silvery gray over a couple of seasons. This photo is one year after installation.

arts and crafts wood gate #3 from prowell

San Anselmo, CA
A better look at the house, which could easily be mistaken for what we might find on Martha's Vineyard.

craftsman wood gate #3 in Marin County




Charles slipping the lower floating panel into place.







The Gamble House, in Pasadena, CA.

Open for tours daily.

Gamble House, Pasadena, CA



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