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Prowell's Colonial Wood Garden Gate #51
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The Colonial-Williamsburg weave was first introduced as one of the 20 Wood Gates designed by Thomas Jefferson for the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.
The pattern within the two flanking panels is Prowell's interpetation.

Shown with flanking Fence panels style #23

Colonial Wood Garden Gate #51



wood gates
Houston, Texas

One of twelve Prowell Gate designs commissioned for the west phase of the Woodlands Housing Park, Houston Texas.

colonial wood garden gates in Houston, Texas


wood gates
Houston Texas

The homes are linked by a common rear walkway and where each home is accessed by a distinctive Prowell gate design with Flanking Panels. Below, the rendition sketch on the left, and the completed photo on the right
Garden Fencing Gate
Outdoor Gates, Woodland Park in Houston


    GARDEN GATE #51-2
    Base Cost +19%


The #51 Colonial Garden Gate in historic Georgetown. With a straight top rail.

This Washington property uses the Colonial-Williamsburg Weave pattern to exemplify the solid geometry of a garden designed in the spirit of Berlin 1945 and occupied by the most delightful patron.

Shown with the Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E558

wood colonial garden gates in georgetown


Sensing Prowell's keen interest in early American history, the homeowner passed on such anecdotal asides as the house across the street was where John and Abigail lived while waiting for the plaster to dry in the White House, and the house on the corner where Lincoln's body was embalmed, and the house on the adjacent block where JFK spent his Inaugural night with his mistress!

Wood garden gate #51 in Washington DC


Charles and Ben Prowell, working on an early #51.

circa 2003.

Building a wood gate with Charles and Ben



In 2013, A year after moving from the Sebastopol shop of 28 years, Charles appears to be finding his way about.

From the loft above, Ben wields the camera.

Building Garden Gate #51 with Charles prowell


    GARDEN GATE #51-4

Birmingham, Michigan

Colonial Gate #51-4 as a dreamy photo from a residence north of Detroit, Michigan

colonial wood garden gates in Detroit, Michigan

Birmingham, Michigan

And because we love to look at houses and how the landscape can compliment the architecture, we include this photo of the residence sent in as a request to corroborate the reasoning behind the choice of Colonial Gate style #51.

wood garden gates in Detroit, Michigan


    GARDEN GATE #51-1
    Base Cost +24%

wood gates
Sunnyvale, CA

Gate #51-1 shouldered by the forgiveness of lush foliage.

gates in Silicone Valley


    GARDEN GATE #51-3
    Base Cost +24%

wood gates
Yakima, Washington

Garden Gate #51-3 ----Illustrating how the upper diagonal pattern alters with the width of the gate.

custom wood garden gates #51 in Yakima, WA


    GARDEN GATE #51-5
    Base Cost +19%

wood gates
Kentfield, CA (Marin County)

As with #51-2, we have a straight top rail, but lower open pickets.
Shown with Driveway Gate #9

Colonial wood garden gates #51 in Marin County


    GARDEN GATE #51-6
    Base Cost +24%

wood gates
Carmel By The Sea, CA

As with #51, the main entry gate and two narrow flanking panels.
Photographed 9 years after installation

custom wood gate #51-6 in Carmel, CA



wood gates 1998
Charles, experimenting with the first Gate #51. As with so many of the designs, it begins as a speculative venture, which may or may not resonate with the needs or appeal of a buying public.

Designing Wood Garden Gate #51 with Charles Prowell


This Old House,
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