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Prowell's Arts and Crafts Wood Garden Gate #52
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wood gates #52-4

The wider grid dividers of the #52 Wooden Garden Gate create a more muscular aesthetic.

We'll start with Rodney's initial reaction to his neighbor's new Prowell Double Wooden Gates.

Arts and Crafts Garden Gate #52



wood gates
Los Altos, CA

Site photo of the Wooden Gates #52 in Los Altos, California, with accompanying flanking Fence panels.
Photographed in July of 2017

Seen with Fence #2. And a pair of Prowell Postcaps.
The gate latch shown was discontinued in 2008. That year Rocky Mountain finally gave in to Charles' endless pleadings and came out with their own line of latches.


wood gates
Los Altos, CA

The original photograph sent to us in 2007.

custom Garden Fencing and Gate

wood gates
Los Altos, CA

Creating a separation between the driveway and the backyard.
Photographed in 2017



    Base Price + 14%

San Anselmo, CA

The original Garden Fence Gate #52 and adjoining fence panels, in San Anselmo, CA, created for the long-time manager of the Grateful Dead

The Wood Garden Gate #52 in Marin County


    GARDEN GATE #52-1
    Base Price + 14%


A relatively short Gate results in a modified grid proportion.


San Anselmo, CA

The Garden Gate is on the far right, with a matching panel on the far left, centered by Driveway Gate #16

Arts and Crafts Garden Gates in San Anselmo, CA



    GARDEN GATE #52-2
    Base Price + 11% (No open squares in the mid-rail)

Key West, Florida

Key West has it's own inimitable history, from Hemingway to Jimmy Buffet.

Of the more interesting, however, is this fact: Only two presidents served their first terms without leaving Washington. Lincoln, who frequently walked to the formerly unused Soldier's Home along the Potomac to spend weekends alone or with one of his sons.

And Truman, who literally slept every night of his first term in the White House. But with the surprising re-election of his second term he and Bess discovered Key West, where they went frequently, Harry donning his open collar island shirt and bare feet, enjoying the company of normal folk.




Key West, Florida

he lush environs of a Key West, Florida property where the more vertical proportions of the Gate Design is complimented by a third-party bamboo fence-line.

One of those photos sent in that delivers a dreamy composition.

Wood Garden Gate #52 in Key West, Florida



    GARDEN GATE #52-3
    Base Price + 11% (No open squares in the mid-rail)

wood gates
As fairly narrow Double Gate with a solid lower panel. Approximately 27" net width each gate.
No open square mortises. Lower solid panel.

Craftsman Garden Gate #52-3


wood gates
Our semi-reclusive founder



    GARDEN GATE #52-6
    Base Price + 14%

Highland, NY

Double Garden Gate #52-6 shown with a pair of flanking Lighted Columns style #10 and a total of 15 fence panels style #2

A series of 2018 winter photos sent in a little over ten years after the 2009 installation.



Highland, NY

So why the long delay in receiving the photos? Well, it began with the following entreaty in March 2018

March 6, 2018
Greetings Charles and Ben— We are proud owners of your beautiful cedar fencing and would like to care for it as best as possible. It was installed about ten years ago and had a light sealant applied at that time. It looks like it could now benefit from a bit of cleaning and possibly another coating of sealant but I wanted to check in with you before proceeding to see if you recommended any specific products or processes—or perhaps nothing at all. The fence is installed at our home in upstate NY where weather conditions can be pretty extreme. Photo attached. Thank you in advance for your thoughts. And thank you for your very beautiful, high quality woodwork. We feel so fortunate to have found you!
All the best, Maria

Charles replies
Hi Maria, I had to look you up. Normally I remember everything one, but it seems that this one was managed through Russell Yess in 2009. We've done a few projects through him, but we haven't actually heard from his quarter in quite some time. I assume he's doing fine.

About the time of your projects we were field testing a new finish called WoodRX that we've been defaulting to for the past 7-8 years for all of our pre-finishes, as well as those like yours that have grayed out. You can read abound t it here:<>

Two favors I'd like to ask: One, because we never received any photos of the original installation, perhaps you would be willing to send along a few hi-res pics once you've applied the WoodRX. But also, we'd love something now, in the midst of this 3rd storm you're being hit with. So much snow. It would make for a wonderful photo of the fence even though most of it is likely covered in snowdrifts.




    GARDEN GATE #52-5
    Base Price + 14%

Lake Tahoe, Olympic Village

The Prowell Garden gate #52-5 as part of an extensive project at Lake Tahoe's Olympic Village.

Here we see the gate flanked by the fence style #2.

There were, in all, 87 panels and 6 gates.


garden gates in Lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe, Olympic Village

Charles paying a belated visit to the site some five years after installation. Showing the Gate style #52 as a 10-ft opening.

driveway gates in Lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe, Olympic Village

One of several gates within 450-ft of fence-line.

This gate gives access to a delightful swimming hole in the Truckee River.

custom wood gates in Lake tahoe


wood gates  
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wood gates
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