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Prowell's Wood Garden Gate #5

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Garden Gate #5



Pasadena, CA

The #5 was our fifth gate design, created in 1996. The fifth of what s currently 140+_ distinct and original designs.

This Original #5 Wooden Gate in Pasadena, California marks the entry to Film Producer Alan Shapiro's Historical Landmark bungalow.

Arts and crafts wood garden gate #5 in Pasadena
arts ad crafts wood gate #5 in Pasadena, ca


    Base Price per gate

Oakland, CA

Double off-set entry garden gates in Oakland, CA.
The pickets are set in pairs, with a slightly greater spacing between each pair.

More on Double Off-Set Gates, or see the table at the bottom of the page with the links to Similar Dbl Off-Set gate styles.

Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E414.

arts and crafts wood garden gate in Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA

Another view of this entry grounded by the Wood Double Gates #5-7

double wood garden gates #5-7 in Oakland


    Base Price + 8%

Claremont, CA

Garden Gate #5-4 in Claremont, CA. A wider upper picket 3-1/4" with narrow spacings at 3/4", and a solid lower panel without open slots. This is a privacy gate, while keeping with the #5 aesthetic.

Shown with Prowell's Pony Panels Style #2

custom wood garden gates and stone walls in Claremont, CA

Claremont, CA

Ten years later and the original homeowners have cashed out for New Hampshire. Showing the same configuration of the Arts and Crafts Garden Garden gate #5-4 flanked by the Pony Panel #2 . . . on the opposite wide of the house.

To the right, Fence Panel Style #24

Custom wood arts and crafts garden gates #5-4

Claremont, CA

And another, just because it frames as a nice photo.

custom wood arts and crafts garden gate #5-4 in Pasadena


    Base Price

The Wood Garden Gate #5 shown with typical flanking panels Style #1.

Flanking Panel Price Link: Base Cost

double wood gates
wood joinery for garden gates #5

Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)

reating an entry foyer, centered by wood garden gate style #5-8, with two flanking panels and a pair of stepped foyer panels.

Click Here for more on Terraces and Stepped Panels.

arts and crafts wooden gates #5-8 in Marin County, CA

Mill Valley, CA

For the heck of it, a look at what once existed



    Base Price

Kirkland, WA.

subtle detail of spacing the pickets. As double off-set wood garden gates spanning a 60" walkway, the left is a comfortable 42" width, and the right, fixed Gate at 18".

See Regarding Double Off-Set Gates

double wood gates

Kirkland, WA.

A look at the residence for #5-1 because houses are fun and can often be recognized with a regional flair. Pure Seattle, with it's link to Arts and Crafts punctuated with the plate windows found in Seattle architecture but not in, say, Portland or Pasadena. Why? Well, one reason is the view. Puget Sound is incomparably more appealing as a gazing vista from practically every room the house.

The gate is situated within a courtyard, barely visible on the far left of the photo.

wood arts and crafts garden gates in Seattle, WA


    Base Price/ per gate

wood gates

With Wood Garden Gate #5-2 we see an abnormally narrow double gate (24" per gate)

WoodRX Cedar

double custom wood gates with WoodRX stain

Hillsborough, CA

Installed to act as a rear entrance from the auto court alley. A subtle wood gate entry flanked by the forgiveness of natural hedges

Coastal Bronze Ring Latch.
WoodRX Chestnut

  double wood garden gates in Hillsboruogh, CA


    Base Price less 4% (No lower open slots)

San Diego, CA

An extensive project in San Diego with a single garden gate #5, accompanied by the fence style #1 . Also shown is a wrap made for the site post that incorporated a copper bas relief chosen by the homeowner. The arbor is sourced by a 3rd party.

You'll begin to notice by now that the Wood Garden Gate #5 is preferred by those on the west coast, where the Arts and Crafts motif has an architectural history.

Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E304

wood garden gate in san diego,ca



San Diego, CA

Garden Gate #5-5 without the lower open slots (hence Base Cost Less 4%)



    Base Price

Kentfield, CA

Garden Gate #5-10 flanked by Fence Panel style #1-17. On the far left, Entry Gate #2

In collaboration with:
Michelle Derviss
Artisan Garden Design
Novato, CA

custom wood garden gate 5


    Base Price + 10%

Garden Gate #5-6 with the upper pickets with the standard spacing and alternating widths. Also showing the stepped middle rail that defines Gate style #93.

Showing the boring for the Rocky Mountain Latch E358, accommodating both the latch spindle and the dead bolt function.

custom wood gate wooden

Garden Gate #5-6 shown with a 3rd-party arbor and flanking fence.

Rocky Mountain gate Latch E358\E357

wood gates

howing the upper pickets at 1-1/8" thickness, mortised into the rails toward a result as impenetrable as Alcatraz, which leads us to the question: Why was the three-mile swim from "The Rock" to the shores of San Francisco so improbable--essentially escape proof--when Jack LaLanne did it three times. The first time, in the 1970's when Charles lived just a few blocks away, LaLanne swam the distance handcuffed! Later, towing a row boat. Hard to believe? If you promise to return, you can follow this link and watch the video.

<LaLanne Swims>

custom wood garden gates #5


    Base Price

St Charles, Illinois

A normal home, with a normal 3rd-party backyard fence and a side walkway not designed by a team of world class landscape designers. Oh, and the gates, which were wisely chosen by our patrons: a subdued styling with lasting workmanship. All this normalcy of St Charles, Illinois appealing to the normalness of Charles, who was normally raised just a ways downstate.

craftsman style wood ate in Chicago



    Base Price

San Francisco

We include #5-9 because the house is located directly across the street from the old veritable Lincoln Park Golf Course in San Francisco. Once the crown jewel of the City's courses, it long ago fell to a neglected status but for the working class thugs like Charles, drawn for decades to the stunning views of the Pacific, the Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge on almost every hole.

wood arts and crafts garden gate #5-9 in San Francisco



San Francisco

A 1923 postcard of the course's signature 17th hole.

Lincoln Park Golf


    Base Price



Alexandria, VA

Among all the gate styles in all the galleries, the #5 is the overwhelming favorite for Double Off-sets.

Double Wood Gates in Virginias




To this day, Ben prefers hand-planing each of the vertical pickets to a satin-smooth finish.

With the right collection of planes and the knowledge of how to hone them to a perfect edge, the hand-planed approach delivers better results than, say, the drum sander.

You don't get rivulet shavings like this with a dull edge.




wood gates  
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wood gates  
  Double Off-set Wood Garden Gates (Follow the link to Double Off-Set Gates, with general info and examples)
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double off-set wood gates #5
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