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Prowell's Wood Garden Gate #60

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Typical Garden Gate #60.

custom wood garden gate #60-9. prowell



Monterey, CA

Garden Gate style #60 features grid openings of approximately 4"-5" both vertically and horizontally..

Equal sized grids both vertically and horizontally is not always possible, as illustrated here, and again in #60-3. Because many of you request equal grids, it is worth explaining how the grid count and size is dictated by the Gate width, with the only variable being the width of the bottom horizontal rail.

In the example to the right, we would have had to add almost 3" to the bottom rail width to accomplish equal grids along the bottom. This in itself would have become a disproportionate eyesore and brought more attention to itself than the partial grid we now see at the bottom.

Dictum: When solving a problem, don't go to such extent that the solution draws more attention than the original problem.

With the exception of artistic license, when problems can often become a doorway to innovation.


Custom Wood Open Grid Garden Gate #60 in Monterey, CA


Monterey, CA

Garden Gate #60, just outside Monterrey, California.

Showing both Gates with Prowell 's Arbor #9

Pebble Beach golf, Carmel shopping, Monterey Aquarium, migrating whales, keeling sailboats billowing on the bluest bay.
Meanwhile . . . the hinterland of the old rancheros holds tough to General Vallejo's legacy of a Monterey no one remembers.

Custom wood garden gate #60 in Monterey



    GARDEN GATE #60-1
      Gate: Base Price + 11%
Panels: Base Price (for panels as shown)

Marin County, CA

A view upon approach to Design Gate #60-1 in Marin County, California. Even the narrow flanking Fence Panels to either side of the Wooden Gate make a real difference in creating a visual approach.

Here, it may appear that the gate grids are all equal, both vertically and horizontally, but in fact the bottom-most grids are 1-1/4" taller.

  Custom Wood Gates in Marin County



Marin County, CA

The same view taken 9 years after installation. Unfortunately the wisteria is not in bloom.

  Wood Garden Gate #60-1 in Marin County


    GARDEN GATE #60-4
      Gate: Base Price + 11%


Mill Valley, CA

The clean and careful lines of a Craftsman Revival home centered by the repetitive open grids of the Entry gate #60-4. Set off by the distinction of a WoodRX finish that establishes a subtle, but clear entry.

So what exactly is a revival? A revival, architecturally speaking, is a rendition of any original architectural form. There are many elements in the above home that mimic the Craftsman, or Arts and Crafts motif established in the first decade of the 20th century. Mostly in the interior, but here even the length of the overhanging eaves. And yet no real detail or any of the truer elements that signify the style. Therefore, our entry gate offers a much needed touch of detail, as well as helping to push the overall aesthetics to a more noticeable revival.
open grid wood gate in Marin county, ca


Mill Valley, CA

The bottom horizontal grid divider, at 1-1/4" thickness, is joined to the top edge of the bottom rail, which is 1-1/2" thick. Because of the two varying thicknesses, we are able to create equal grids vertically and horizontally without the bottom rail appearing overly muscular.

We'll also add, because there are no secrets, that this was an architect who originally ordered gate style #79, and upon delivery refused to accept the gate because the stain wasn't what he had hoped for. He refused to negotiate. So Charles returned to the shop, with the gate, and in lieu of building a replacement gate, processed a refund of the advance payment and then posted the gate on the Basement Sale page where it sold for a fraction of it's retail value.

Two months later someone ordered the below gate, at exactly the same size and with exactly the same hardware. A double agent, acting secretly, until he came to the shop to pick up the gate and let slip he was hired to pick up the gate by the same homeowner who had refused his gate.

So the gig was up and the homeowner got his Prowell gate, however clandestinely he achieved this goal.
garden gate style #60-4 in Mill Valley



    GARDEN GATE #60-5
Base Price + 11%

San Rafael, CA (Marin County)

Side Entry
A pair of double #60 Garden Gates at 5-1/4" grids on a property in the Dominican neighborhood of San Rafael, CA.
Flanked by Fence Panels #19.

Shown with Fence Style #21-5 See Pre-Finish Options
Dbl gates: Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E414. Bronze Gate Stop #50-250. Bronze Cane Bolt #80-100

  Double garden gates #60-5 in Marin County, CA

Main Entry

The grid sizes for the double gates were determined off the net gate width to accomplish equal grids left-to-right. Because the panels are a different width and the grids must match the gate, the horizontal dividers are aligned while the panels are left with remainder grids on the left and right sides.

  Wood garden gates and fences in Marin County



The Prowell Post Cap




    GARDEN GATE #60-3

San Geronimo, CA (Marin County)

An example of the #60 Design Gate coupled with an adjoining driveway gate and flanking fence panel. If we consider the three as a single assembly, with the horizontal grid dividers aligning to one another, then we must decide which of the three is the center-point. Here, obviously it is the driveway gates, serving to establish the grid size based on the net width of each identical gate.

Driveway Gate style #13
Fence style #21

  Custom Wood Gates #60-3 in  Marin County, CA

  Open grid wood garden gate #60-3


    GARDEN GATE #60-9
      Gate: Base Price + 20%

Beverly Hills, CA

We're reminded that Beverly Hills is a wood enclave of rolling hills.

Gate style #60-9 departs from the standard #60 with our grid dividers at 2-5/8" width instead of 1-5/8". The result is a more muscular aesthetic.

Because the gate's net height dimension was flexible, we were able to establish 6 rows of grids at 5-1/4", and 6 columns at the same 5-1/4".
The net dimensions below: 55-1/8" width x 58-1/2".

Gate latch source is unknown.
A rare example of a gate mounting to stucco columns without jambs.

  wood grid gate 60-9 in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, CA

Opening onto the driveway.

  wood garden gate #70-7 in Beverly Hills. Prowell



As an unorthodox approach to regulating their flow of commissions commensurate to their productive capacity, the Prowell's are not Prowells beyond the protective and insulated environs of their shop. The anonymity of such-and-such and so-and-so.


  Wood Garden Gate #60-7 in Beverly Hills, CA



    GARDEN GATE #60-2
      Gate: Base Price + 20%

San Francisco, CA

Featuring the center horizontal rail and equal flush-joined grids with an inner frame, providing a little more muscle and girth to the design.

These San Francisco double Wood Garden Gates in Charles' old 1970's neighborhood of Laurel Heights represent a shared auxiliary entry between two San Francisco homes.

The center Wooden Fence Panels marking the property-line.

Designed in collaboration with Stroudwater Design, ASLA. Mill Valley, CA

Double wood garden gate 60-2. prowell

San Francisco, CA

Because its fun, a look at the residence, with a series of Prowell gates and fence panels scattered here and there and none of them visible from this perspective.

The double gates 60-2 are on the right, separating the two homes.

* Charles' former residence is six houses to the north, shared 35 years ago with two others. A well-appointed two bedroom lower flat with a nice backyard for $675 a month. The same flat, in 2015, rents for $4,650 a month!




    GARDEN GATE #60-6
      Gate: Base Price + 14%

Woodside, CA

The same Gate Design as #60-2, but without the inner frame. Consequently, a slightly less muscular aesthetic. Inset: As an entry into a private vegetable garden flanked by high concrete walls.
custom wood garden gate #60-6 in Woodside, CA


Because it's interesting, we access from the bottom left a dedicated vegetable garden of raised stone beds. Overlooked by the pool. Both still under construction at the time of this photo.

To see more of this property, visit:
Garden Gate Style #84
Garden Arbor Style #30
wood garden gates in woodside, ca




    GARDEN GATE #60-8
      Gate: Base Price + 11%

Phoenix, Arizona

How do we recognize Phoenix? Stucco residences, stucco perimeter wall, and what appears to be a view of South Mountain. The gate style #60 looks as if it belongs--a splash of detail and workmanship.




Showing Prowell's Fence Style #21 as another panel stile often associated with Garden Gate #60.

A common fence style which also accompanies gate styles #27, and #77


Base Price + 26% with shown rectangular breaks.

Base price + 15% as continuous grids and no breaks.

custom wood garden fences #21b




Pretty picture of a typical gate #60 in clamps.

  Woodworking shop. Prowell



Charles setting the tenons for a dry fit assembly in December 2016.

  Building a Prowell  wood garden gate with open grids


wood gates  
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