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Prowell's Wood Garden Gates #65

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Wood Double Garden Gates #65 is a modification of our #2 Garden Gate, tipping the scale toward art deco-- only if corroborated by the extenuating elements. This property has just enough latitude in its 1930's era residence and flagstone walls to support the subtle voice of our #65
Art Deco Wood Garden Gates #65

Pebble Beach, CA

Our homeowners sent in site photos that prompted the creation of style #65 to better accommodate the setting and the distinctive geometry of a 1930's postmodern architecture.

Situated along the 17-mile drive

  Wood double garden gates in Pebble Beach, CA
In the weeks following their Prowell acquisition, savvy patrons often employ the security of intimidating overseers brought in by the Pinkerton Agency, protecting their new possession from the widespread thievery of greedy collectors. Below, a typical latter-day Pinkerton agent, identified by the Get-up in his Come-Along.
  custom wood gates #65 in Pebble beach, CA


The residence, with the area's signature windswept Monterrey pines on the right.




The oval, and the various intersections like a European traffic roundabout.

Cp shown absorbed in his 1919 edition of Hawkins Mechanical Dictionary

wood garden gate with oval speakeasy

Don't believe us? At the time of this photo, there are over 5,000 hardback books in the Prowell home library, stacked and stashed into every conceivable nook and cranny.


Still don't believe us? Just two of the library's four walls of bookshelves. And what about those piles stacked next to the bed, and beside the living room reading chairs and the study and, yes . . . in the bathroom!




wood gates  
  With open ovals and circles
Privacy Gate #6
Privacy Gate #2




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