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prowell woodworks for garden gates

Prowell's Wood Garden Gate #6 w/ Porthole
For the Marina and Yachting Community

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A Wood Gate style modified from our Gate Style #2, but with a full radius porthole as an answer to the suggestions of those in the yachting and boating communities.


As solid panel, shown, or with the open pickets more common to gate style #2. The pricing is the same.

Wood gates for boats and marina


Garden Gate #6 is optional with or without the Plexiglas fill.

As a reference:
the obscure Plexiglas option shown on the right is from Tap Plastics. #P-95

  Wood Garden Gate #6 with pen portal



San Rafael, CA (Marin County)

view through one of the three side entry gates into the backyard area that fronts the San Rafael canal, as an estuary to the San Francisco Bay. A marine setting that prompted the portal circumference of the gate.

Prior to the posts being cut to length and the mounting of the Rocky Mountain gate latches.
wood gates with portholes


San Rafael, CA (Marin County)
round marina wood garden gates
San Rafael, CA (Marin County)
custom wood garden gate #6 with porthole

San Rafael, CA (Marin County)

he left side of the house.
The homeowner elected to allow the gates and panels to weather naturally.
Within two seasons, the cedar will have weathered to a silvery gray.

Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E358.
Shown with flanking panels at Base Cost

custom wood gates with speakeasy in Marin County


A few in-progress photos

#1: Ben creating the template
#2: The finished template, mounted onto the four segmented sides that have been joined with a mortise and tenon.
#3 Ben routing the Joined segments. The two handles mounted onto the template make for easy, and safe, machining.
#4: Fitting the panels to the corresponding patterns.

#6 Progress
#6 Progress
how to build prowell's wood gate #6
building wood gate #6 by prowell
#6 Progress
#6 Progress
creating circles for wood gates by prowell
wood gates with circles by prowell




he Portal is rabbeted to accept the inset Plex.
The stop on the property side of the portal is a steam-bent strip of cedar, set to the frame while still warm from the steamer. As it cools, it's shape has permanently formed.



wood gates  
  With Ovals or Circles
Garden Gate #2
wood garden gate #2 with open speakeasy
Garden Gate #65
wood garden gate #2 with open portals
wood gates  
  With Speakeasy Portals
Garden Gate #77A
wood garden gate #77
Garden Gate #112
wood garden gate #112
Garden Gate #78
wood garden gate #78

Garden Gate #29


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wood gates
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