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Prowell's Custom Wood Garden Gate #70

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This Garden Gate is Base Price + 28%
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Bellaire, Texas

Wood Gates #70-5 flanked by bluestone columns

Shown with the Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E475-(insert)

  Custom Wood Garden gates in Texas

Bellaire, Texas

Showing the single gate and a small inset of how the two appear along the same perimeter-(insert)

  Wood Garden Gate arched #70


      Base Price + 28%

Rolling Hills Estates, CA (L.A.)

Wood Gates #70 in Los Angeles as an unmistakable invitation.

  double wood garden gates in los angeles

Rolling Hills Estates, CA (L.A.)

As double garden gates, there is a center clearance gap, such as might be seen in french doors. We have since discontinued the center astragal pictured below and in #70-5 above and opted for the more functional bronze gate stop, shown below.

  Custom wood garden gates in Los Angeles



      Base Price + 28%

The #70 series typically features three rows of upper grids and the extended solid grid of bottom rail.

As double or single gates.


Mill Valley, CA

The #70-3 Entry Gate and flanking panels in Mill Valley, California .

It should be noted that our homeowner applied his own finish. Unfortunately that finish appears to be some sort of glossy marine varnish. Why such finishes are not supported is discussed under Pre-Finish Options.

  custom wood garden gate #70-3 in Mill Valley, CA

Mill Valley, CA
  garden gate in Marin County, California

Mill Valley, CA

A look at the approach as a 'Before' photo. Two full years before the gate was eventually built and installed.

  wood garden gates #70 in Marin County, CA



      Base Price + 23%
Single Horizontal Grid Divider

Mill Valley, CA

The #70-6 as double gates in Ventura, California--where the upper grid has only one horizontal divider, resulting in just two rows of grids instead of the signature three rows. With the exception of the extended lower rail grid, this gate is identical to gate style #20

What this also illustrates is the generally out-of-focus quality of the photos sent to us during the first few years following the realease of the first iphones.

Down on his luck, the prideless Prowell returns to a former hurrah, and refuses to leave. He will guard their investment, every night, guard their collectible gate from the known riff raff of the Venturan beachfronts.


  custom wood double gates in Ventura, CA



      Base Price + 28%

San Rafael, CA (Marin County)

With it's muscular detail, the #70 Wooden Gate, shown in San Rafael, California, is a good accompaniment to the solid mass of flanking masonry walls.

The family pooch makes an appearance.

  custom wood double gates in San Rafael, CA


    GARDEN GATE #70-11
      Base Price + 28%

Castle Rock, Colorado.

Two seasonal photos of our wood gate #70-11 securing an inner courtyard against the surrounding colorado wildlife.


wood gate #70-10 in Colorado. Prowell
wood gates in colorado snow. prowell


      Base Price + 28%


A pair of Garden Gates #70-7 in Hawaii, flanked by local stone and harbored by a third-party arbor.

  wood garden gates in Hawaii

On the thirteenth day of the seventeen year cycle of the deafening cicadas, Hope freaked out. Buggered by bugs--in the fireplace flu, the sugar bowl, between the sheets, in the folds of her rivulet curls. On the thirteenth day, which to Hope seemed like thirteen years, she makes a run for it, a sprint to the car parked in the drive and a means to somewhere else, anywhere else, children or no children. Husband or no husband. Freedom from the devil cicadas, the constant cacophony of sex-starved prehistorics freed from a seventeen year, sub-grade hibernation that has her running, dashing for the Garden Gate, the new Prowell Gate, the child-proof Gate, the car just feet away, just beyond the locked gate, waiting, waiting to take her from Park Ridge, from the devil cicadas. But the gates. The damned gates.

  Wooden Garden Gate #70-7



      Base Price + 28%


San Francisco, CA

The original gate style #70 in San Francisco, CA.
The left photo was taken in 1999. The right photo was in Oct 2013, allowed to weather naturally.

(In collaboration with Stroudwater Design Group, Mill Valley, CA)

See How Long Does It Last?

  custom wood garden gate #70-8 in San Francisco

San Francisco

A look at the residence. The gate shown above is situated on the left side of the house along a narrow easement between the two houses.

As an aside, the house is in the same neighborhood of Laurel Park where Charles once shared a flat in the mid-70's. Back when it was, well . . . reasonably affordable. A 2-bedroom lower flat with use of a landscaped backyard and basement for $675/month in 1978. Today, in 2015, an equivalent flat on this same street is $4,300/month! Why such an increase. The new wave of those beginning their careers in the Silicone Valley have opted to live in the City rather than the more staid environment of communities in the Silicone Valley an hour south. This well-paid influx has shifted not only the housing balance, but the very culture of the City itself. Landlords are selling their buildings and paying existing tenants --some who have occupied their apartments for 40+ years--upwards of $50,000 to avoid the legal hurdles of something known as the Ellis Act, which prohibits landlords from evicting tenants with the purpose of securing new tenants at the going market rate.

  wood garden gates #70-8 in San Francisco


      Base Price + 19%

Seattle, WA

Custom Garden Gate #70-2 in Seattle, WA. departs from most of the above examples, featuring four rows of grids and no extended bottom rail grid.

  Custom Wood Garden Gate in Seattle, Washington

Seattle, WA

The Back courtyard, featuring Fence style #11

  Custom wood garden fence #11 in Seattle, WA



      Gate Cost: Base Price + 28%
Fence Panel Cost: Base Price + 28%

Oakland, CA

Matching the flanking panels for the #70 gate style varies.
Although the below panels are not on our gallery, they are essentially the Fence #25, with the extended lower gridwork of the gate #70.

The below panel options are Base Price + 28%
Follow the ljunk to the Fence Base Cost Table


Oakland, CA

  craftsman wood garden gate #70-10 n Oakland, CA






Easing the edges with 120-grit sandpaper, simply to make it friendlier to the touch.

  How to build a custom wood garden gate by Prowell Woodworks


#70-10 Progress

Before creating the dadoes for the lower grid half-laps, a quick tip to insure your miter guide is set at exactly 90-degrees.
Two sets of short wedges set into the miter slots. The tongue of the framing square set against these and the blade against the miter fence.

  how to align the tablesaw miter gauge


#70-10 Progress

Showing the half-laps and dadoes prior to assembly.

  how to cut half-laps by Prowell




The completed joint.




Ben shown dry-fitting the lower extended grids.

  How to build a Prowell wood garden gate #70





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