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"Come into the Garden, Maud,
I am here at the gate alone

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    Base Price/ per gate

Darien, Connecticut

A sublime property connecting the residence on the right to the outbuilding on the left with two parallel Wood Fence sections to create a bordered garden, safe from snacking wildlife.

Shown with fence style #1

  custom wood gates and fence panels in Conneticut



Darien, Connecticut

Viewed from the opposite approach and leaving us here dreaming of this slice of heaven, leaving home in the morning to cross the garden and into the shop.

Fence Height: 48"

  wood garden gates and fence panels #7 in Connecticut


    Base Price + 8%

Houston, Texas

The #7 being one of 25 varying Wood Gate Designs and matching flanking panels for the South Shore Woodlands housing park in Houston, Texas.

Shown with fence style #1

  wood garden gate with matching fence panels in Houston, TX

Houston, Texas

An in-progress photo illustrating the strategy of commissioning the gates prior to actually building
the new homes---a sales technique to accentuate each lot with a distinct Prowell entry

  wood garden gates #7-14 in Houston, Texas


    Base Price + 8%

Great Falls, Virginia

In this setting, the marriage between a Wood Gate and dry-set stone offers a timeless appeal.

A writer's appeal, where it would seem an idyllic setting for those with a knack for the existential.

  custom wood garden gate in Virginia


    Base Price + 8%

Santa Rosa, CA

Our #7-16 is shown to illustrate the wider width of a 52" opening, but the accompaniment of the fence style #1 and how the horizontal rails align to those of the gate.

See more on Terracing Layouts and Sloping Grades

  custom wood garden gates #7-16 in Sonoma County, CA


    Base Price + 8%

Tiburon, CA

Wood Garden Gates #7-20 as double entry situated on the bay in Tiburon. Complete with seasonal wreaths.

  custom wood garden gates #7 in Tiburon, CA

Tiburon, CA

A slight departure with 7-20 in that the spacing between pickets is 2-1/2".

Shown with a 3rd-party arbor

  wood garden gates #7 from Prowell


    Base Price + 8%

Dana Point, CA

Garden Gate #7-18 in Southern California

Shown with Fence Panels #1

  Wood Garden Gate #7 in Dana Point, California


    Base Price + 8%
Bloomington, Illinois

Gate #7-19 in central Illinois with our patron and her resident Westie, known as Kiki. Kiki appears
transfixed by the camera lens.

  Wood Garden Gate #7 in Bloomington, Illinois


    Double Off-Set

Santa Monica, California

A pair of #7-6 Wood Gates flanking this residence in Santa Monica. On the right, a pair of Double Off-Set Gates with flanking panels. On the left, a standard #7 Gate. Both gates are shown with optional Pattern Blocks.

More on Double Off-Set Gates, or see the table at the bottom of the page with the links to Similar Dbl Off-set gate styles.

  Fence Gates

Santa Monica, California

ouble off-set Fence Gates. When there is an overall width that exceeds what is comfortable for a single gate and yet less than what is required for an equal double gate, a number of options are available. Here, we utilize the Double Off-Set. The right-side is fixed in place with a cane bolt, with the wider, operable gate latching to the smaller gate. This would be a solution to consider for openings of 60", where two 30" gates might seem a little narrow.

Another option is to use a single-span gate. Gates beyond 48" in width default to 2-1/4" thickness. -- A third option is to set two 4x4 posts to each side of a centered gate, flanked by narrow panels to each side.

  wood double garden gate #7-6 in Santa Monica, CA


    Base Price + 8%

Hillsborough, California

A carefully landscaped property in the Silicone Valley, bordered by tall brick walls
(barely visible on the far right)t.


arched ood  garden gates in Hillsborough, ca

Hillsborough, California


Here would be an example of where, regardless of the width of the gate, it might be better suited at 2-1/4" thickness simply to avoid being upstaged by the sheer girth of the flanking columns.


wood gates in the san francisco bay area


Orinda, California
    Base Price + 8%


Stucco columns with a stone cap.

To prevent the arching top rail from striking the overhanging cap when the gate opens wide, we drop the spring-point (where the arch begins) to the bottom of the miter cut on the jambs.

The other option is when you have a cap that overhangs, say, 2", we then create jambs that are 2-1/4" thick, so the gate hinge-point is beyond the overhanging cap.


wood garden gates with stucco columns in Orinda

Orinda, California

A better view of how the spring-point is aligned to the bottom edge of the miter on the jambs.

For those preferring a painted finish, see Pre-Finish Options for a discussion of why Prowell does not offer any finish that is not an absorbing finish.

The cedar breaths when it is finally exposed fully to the elements, and finishes such as paints and solid-body stains and spar varnishes are less flexible and potentially troublesome during the first few weeks as the wood acclimates.

For paint, etc, please allow the gate to be installed and exposed for several weeks before applying your finish.

custom wood gates in Oakland Hills

    Base Price + 8%

Simi Valley, CA

Our Garden Gate #7-8 in southern California

When mounting to a stucco or stump block wall, jambs are required. The jambs mount to the surface with masonry spread-bolts and reduce the overall opening by 3".

In an ongoing tradition throughout the site covering all our products, photos sent in of the ineffable young'n. This one embellished with ruby slippers and all.


    Base Price + 8%

San Jose, California

Trading ruby slippers for a Superhero.

Often, with irregular stone columns, it can be advisable to mount the jambs directly to the column block core. The depth between the block and the outermost stone is provided and we create the jamb thickness to that, plus 1/2", allowing the swing to clear the stone. Here however, they ave elected to mount directly to the stone.

For detailed drawings showing the various applications of jambs and columns, see the Specification page.

custom wood garden gate #7 in San Jose, California

San Jose, California


Look close, as our superhero can be glimpsed to the left.

Also showing a good example of when to vary the finish of the gate from the surrounding precedent. Imagine this with the same finish as the stucco wall and you can glimpse the danger of a monotonous result. Monotonous results are when the architecture of a home is without either telling precedents or distinguishing details. Here we have the gate, the columns, and the cap along the top of the wall, all of which lends diversity to the landscape design.


wooden garden gate #7 in Silicone Valley, CA


    Base Price + 8%

San Jose, California

Flanked by a series of fence panels set atop a short stone wall.

Fence Style #1

Garden Gate style #7 in Palo Alto, CA.  prowell



    Base Price + 8%

Ross, CA

The below gate, titled #7 back when it was only the 7th in an eventual 142 gate designs yet to come. At the time, it marked an innovative high-ground in a long-ignored genre. Because it was the first commission that included several gates as well as 400 running feet of fence--publications such as Sunset, Fine Homebuilding, and several local papers made their way to the site, and right about then Charles must have realized that his time spent developing the designs and methodologies of this product line in the early '90's was as well-spent as any two-year span in his life.

garden gates in the bay area
Wood Fence Gates



At the risk of boring you, we'll scroll through a few more offerings of Gate style #7

wood gates
Garden Gate #7-2
Marin County, CA

On a shingled bungalow.


wood gates
Garden Gate #7-4

Accompanied by a stucco surround

wood gates #7-2
wood arched gates in Colorado

wood gates
Garden Gate #7-12
Los Angeles, CA

Perhaps the most preferred accompaniment to the wood gates is a natural hedge.


wood gates
Garden Gate #7-11
Ladera Ranch, CA

Landscape lighting taken to new levels.

custom wood garden gates #7-12
garden wood gates #7-11 in california

wood gates
Garden Gate #7-7

Showing one of the many available patterns of open mortised slots within the lower panel. When your drawings are posted, you are invited to review the drawings with the freedom to suggest changes and revisions.


wood gates
Garden Gate #7-9
Base Cost + 25%
With a fuller radius, the top arched rail is constructed from two segments joined at the center.

Wooden Gate
custom wood gate #7
wood gates
Garden Gate #7-5
Sonoma County, CA

To see this gate and fence on a site visited 18 years after installation, see How Long it Lasts
wood gates
Garden Gate #7-5

Gate style #7-5 with a slightly varied pattern to the open slots, while also reminding us of the importance of the width-to-height ratio. Here we are at 48" width x 42" height.
custom wood gates in Sonoma County, CA
wood gates in santa roas, ca





aying out Gate style #7 as a double gate at only 48" height.
  how to build a Prowell wood gate #7

harles roughing out the top arch on the bandsaw.
January 2016
  Building a Prowell wood gate #7


Digging into the archives


he mid-90's, hosting the editors of Fine Homebuilding in the old Sebastopol shop.

Fine Homebuilding issue #100


e're going to throw this in because it represents an early permutation of the eventual gate style #7, circa 1991.
  charles prowell with wood gates in1988

Charles and the boys, Sam and Ben, engaged in one of their favorite pastimes around 1990. A calm, meditative pastime that seemed always to degenerate into a free-for-all wrestling match.

  charles prowell and sons



outdoor gates

A few of the publications and sites featuring Prowell's Gate #7

American Bungalow Magazine 2000

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The Press Democrat 1998
Click Here for the PDF of this publication featuring this gate.
Click Here for the gallery of articles.

The online design site

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