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Prowell's Solid Privacy Garden Gate #89

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This Garden Gate is Base Price +20%
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Base Price + 29%

Cupertino, CA

The Double Garden Gate #89-3 near San Jose, CA

The primary feature of the style #89 is the lower extended bottom rail grid and arched top rail.
Here, with #89-3, we show the extra middle horizontal rail for two solid panels instead of one single panel.

Shown with the Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E504; Also the Bronze Cane Bolt #80-100; and the bronze gate stop #50-250 (included with all dbl gates)

  double wood privacy gates #89-3 in san francisco bay area


    Base Price + 20%


Often, a garden enclosure requests the privacy of a solid Wood Gate.

Shown without the middle horizontal rail.

Showing the same extended bottom rail and arched top rail as the Wood Gates #70 and #77. #89 exhibits a single solid privacy panel.

Wood privacy Gates #89

Carlsbad, CA

When mounting our Custom Gates to masonry columns, such as stucco, the gates are shipped with accompanying jambs, reducing the overall net gate width by 3 inches.



wood Garden Gates #89 in Caelabas, CA


San Francisco, CA



Like people, the Wooden Gates come in all sizes and shapes.

In collaboration with Stroudwater Design, Mill Valley, CA Sent in from San Francisco, CA (The Prowell flanking Fence Panel style #11.

wood garden gates in san Francisco, CA


    GARDEN GATE #89-1
    Base Price + 29%

Ventura, CA

The Garden Gate #89 with an added middle horizontal rail.

  custom wood garden gate #89 in Ventura, CA


    GARDEN GATE #89-2
    Base Price +30%
W/O speakeasy: Base Price + 20%

Houston, Texas

For the Woodlands Housing Park in Houston, one of twelve unique gate designs fronting a common pedestrian walkway. The #89 is equipped with the speakeasy 4" peephole and sliding door.

  custom wood garden gates #89-2 in Houston, Texas

Our current, revised design for the sliding speakeasy door as viewed from the property side of the gate.

To view more examples of different speakeasy doors and grills, click here

  custom wood gates with speakeasy


    GARDEN GATE #89-4
    Base Price +30%

Washington DC

Sometimes the residence itself makes for better viewing than what we can see of the gates. Here we have gate styles #89 flanking the architecture on the left and right accesses. A quintessential Georgian Federalist home, dating one assumes to the early 1800's or possibly late 1700'w.


Washington DC



A common Fence Design accompanying the garden gate #89

The Fence Panel is Base Price + 16%

  custom wood fence panel


Creating the lower solid grids. A look at the joinery prior to assembly. A series of half-laps and dadoes and drainage troughs

  how to build Prowell's wood gate #89



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