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Prowell's Wood Scalloped Gate #8

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This Garden Gate is Base Price +23%
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A scalloped arch on the Wood Entry Gate #8 to mirror an existing entry portal or mimic an overhead Prowell Arbor #10.

Wood Gate #8 is distinguished primarily by the full radius of its top rail, mirroring that radius of an existing enclosure.

custom wood garden gates



River Forest, Illinois

Prowell's original Garden Gate #8 in Chicago

You will be asked to provide three dimensions of the existing structure that will determine the existing radius to insure the radius of your Wood Entry Gate has the same radius.
1) The width from one side to the other.
2) The overall height from the grade to the middle of the arch.
3) From the grade to where the arch begins.

custom wood garden gate #8 in Chicago

River Forest, Illinois

The residence in a before photo sent to us, with the archway beyond the basketball waiting for its gate #8

prowell's wood garden gates in River Forest, Illinois


    Base Price + 23%

Palo Alto, CA

Garden Gate style #8-6, with Arbor #10, resulting in a full circumference portal.

  custom wood arched garden gate #8 in Palo Alto, CA



    Base Price + 23%


Lakeside, Michigan

Garden Gate #8 showing the mirrored radius of the Prowell Arbor #10.

We also see the #8 with open lower picket instead of the solid panel.

The same price for lower pickets or panels.

  custom wood garden gates #8 in Michigan



Lakeside, Michigan

The Custom Entry Gates to this weekend residence in Upper Michigan. We're hoping the more open design of the #8 on the right will establish the preferred entry. While the more private style on the left (a modified #29 and #31) speaks more to a private gate entry. The success of this approach is questionable, but in truth the right entry is going to need a defined walkway to further establish itself as a default entry point.

  Wood Garden Gates #8 in Michigan


    Base Price + 23%

Garden Gate #8-7 with continuous open pickets.
Almost identical mto Gate #25, which has a softer radius top rail.

  garden gate #8-7. Prowell




    Base Price + 8%

Garden Gate #8-4 as double gates with the softer top arch.

  wood garden gates #8-4

Bakersfield, CA

Not the greatest photo, but an example of the how stump-wall architecture typical to Bakersfield can be enhanced by the entry gates.

  double wood gates in Bakersfield, CA



    Base Price + 8%

Mill Valley, CA

Wood Gate #8-3, with the same features as #8-4 but as a single gate.

Often Prowell's Fence Gates are introduced to 3rd-party flanking Fences and even Arbors. Obviously we prefer our own Fence and Arbor products to accompany the Gates, simply because they are designed to compliment one another not only in proportion and design, but in the methods of their workmanship.
Wooden Garden Gates #8-2 in Marin County, CA



Menlo Park, CA
Base Price + 8%


Although it may not qualify as a completed installation, it does charm us with a photo of the resident pup, Zula.

    GARDEN GATE #8-3
wood gates
    Base Price + 23%

Great Falls, Virginia

Garden Arbor #8-3 shown with Garden Arbor #10 is posted because of its pleasant setting just north of the Washington Beltway. But also to illustrate that western cedar is exemplified by dark and light tones that are incorporated into the same gate. An act of necessity, and were we building a dining room table retailing at $10,000 we might be more scrupulous in selecting more evenly hued stock. But it is a gate, not a dining room table, and subjected to sleet, rain, snow, hurricanes, and relieving dogs.

We also post this image as an example of our homeowner electing to manage the finish process themselves and deciding upon a product that is billed to bring out the natural beauty of wood. It is essentially an oil product and while it clearly enhances the wood, it is also a product that stipulates only one coat. The splotchy appearance seen below is the result of successive coats laying on top of the initial coat and as a result, unable to absorb evenly. But more . . . oil finishes such as this have a lifeline of approximately one year before requiring maintenance. Oil finishes that 'enhance the wood' are probably the biggest myth of exterior finishes. Subjected to the elements, such an approach is to buy into a future of relentless upkeep.

Review the Pre-Finish Options not as a means to pad our profits but as a means to insure you settle on the right product. WoodRX can be purchased direct from the linked dealer or through Home Depot. A product that has been culled from all the products on the market and although the grades of western cedar we spec from the mill do not require a finish or any treatment to prolong the life of the wood, the aesthetics often suggest a finish. Whether we apply this or you apply it, it's important to use the right product.

  wood arched garden gate #8-3 in Washington DC Beltway
Gate #8-3

Great Falls, Virginia

Now and again it's nice to see a 'before' photo,, which is often what we see at the onset of each commission.
  wood garden gate #8-3 in Washington DC


    GARDEN GATE #8-5
wood gates
    Base Price + 23%


Gate #8-5

Sacramento, CA

Gate #8-5 wrapped with a low brick wall. Hopefully we'll get a closer photo of this.
wood garden gate #8-5 in Sacramento, CA





Charles dry-fitting a typical Gate #8-2
How to build a Prowell wood gate #8


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