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Sonoma County, CA
Chicago, Il
Baltimore, MD

Step-by-Step Installation Guides

All- Product Installation PDF
Comprehensive, step-by-step guide to all products.

Fence Install PDF
garden gates woodFrom individual panels to fence lines

Gate Install PDF
garden gates wood
Installing our Garden Gates

Instalar Puertas PDF
garden gates wood
Gate install in Spanish

Drive Gate Install PDF
garden gates wood
Covering all give options

Arbor Install PDF
garden gates wood
The arbor as an extension to site posts

Swing Install PDF
garden gates wood
Concerning chains, ropes, and specs

Column Install PDF
garden gates wood
As lighted columns or post wraps

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Setting Your Posts
garden gates wood Get 30 years from your posts!

Porch swing sketch / specs
garden gates wood Acceptable clearances and site specs.

Gate Swing Diagram
garden gates wood Swing handing sketch

Example Fence Layout
garden gates woodLayouts and required dimensions

Technical Support
garden gates wood Email us with your questions

Pool Gate Codes
garden gates woodLocal codes and ordinances

A Word About Wood
garden gates woodSpecies and grades make a difference

Recommended Finishes
garden gates woodOur Preferred WoodRX

Shipping and Crating

Rocky Mountain Gate Hardware

Basement Remnants
garden gates woodBargain hunting Prototypes and seconds



Sebastopol, CA


Brian Van Rheena and Charles Prowell


Charles Prowell in Piedmont, with the highly regarded Brian Van Rheenan of Provident Construction.



Brian and his crew are available for all installations in the following San Francisco Bay Area locations:
East Bay
Marin County
San Francisco
North Peninsula
Sonoma County

Provident Construction is not a landscape or product designer. This aspect of your project is drawn from your own resources, and with the help of Charles or Ben. Brian will, however, provide you with a full and comprehensive installation, while providing the crucial measurements that enables Prowell Woodworks to fabricate your products. Brian will also be available to advise you on the most appropriate layout. But it is unfair to ask Brian to select a specific style gate or fence or arbor, etc that is most appropriate for your landscape.

The Rest of the Country
Homeowners who are their own installers should understand they are welcome to call or write with their own questions and concerns, before or during their installation. For the most part, we will review that process over the course of your order. It should be noted that approximately half of all gate orders are installed by the homeowner themselves. Driveway Gate installations are best performed by qualified carpenters or contractors. The majority of fence installations are performed by carpenters, contractors, or landscapers.

With your finished product will arrive a packet that will include: A Catalog; Appropriate Installation Guides; A reminder sheet of the most common mistakes made during installation; and the same dimensioned drawings that were originally approved prior to fabrication in the shop. These drawings will have the pencil marks and notations made in the shop and may even exhibit a coffee stain or two. They are your working drawings.

  Brian on site in Kentfield (Marin County). December 2015

Milton, of Provident Construction, on site installing the Rocky Mountain Latch


woodworking joinery

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