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Tapered Wood Garden Lighting Column #201.




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Column #201
Our garden lighting #201 with a soft light intended more as an accent than the illumination of a path or entry. Yet enough, apparently, for the knitting connoisseur.

custom wood lighted garden column #201



Column #201
One face featured. The other three with a much simpler layout.

Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #201. by Prowell



Column #201
Accent is the word that comes to mind. Gazing onto the garden in the darkened evenings to take in this apparition, this assembly serving no purpose beyond igniting one's curiosity. One's interest in gazing upon some meditative work of visual poetry.

prowelllighted garden columns 201c



Column #201
Daylight, Dusk, Total darkness

\Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #201-design





Column #201-1

Garden Lighting Column #201-1 replaces the dome with a flat white Plex tier.

tapered wood garden lighting column 201



Column #201-1
The removable cap on both #201 and #201-1 allows access to the LED fixture. The white Plex panels are also removable. As well as one side of the column for accessible installation.

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Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #201. Prowell




Column #201 Progress
lighted garden column progress

Creating the pattern. Although it may appear somewhat random, there is a geometry to this helter skelter.

Column #201 Progress
Prowell building wood garden column 201



Column #201 Progress
Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #201

The cap is joined with both tenons and splines.

Column #201 Progress
Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #201 in shop



And splined with ebony. Created on the spline jig on the table saw.

Column #201 Progress
Building a prowell lighted column

The cap's apron is fluted, as well as bored for two light holes on each face of the column.

Column #200 Progress
shop techniques for the lighted column, prowell




lighting bollards
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