Garden and Gate Column Landscape Lighting
prowell woodworks for garden gates


With a foreshortened upper lighting grid

*The lower pickets or solid panels are interchangeable on all column styles.





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Two-sided lighting grid.

Column #2-1
landscape lghting bollard



In Kensington, CA (Berkeley hills)

Often with lighted columns. the inner steel post will extend to the top horizontal rail of the Driveway Gate, with the lighted portion of the column to extend beyond that, as seen in this Berkeley, CA site

Shown with Driveway Gate #18

Column #2-1
wood gate columns


In Kensington, CA (Berkeley hills)

Our Gate Columns help to create an off-set foyer to the entry gate. Flanked by a 3rd-party fence

Column #2-1
Post Wraps


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The #2-2 Gate Column with the taller light grid section and without it's cap or Plex inserts.

On the left side, the typical open slots and solid face of a gate column. The open slots serve to ventilate the lighting while also providing an intriguing visual at night.

Column #2-2
Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #2 in NY



The upper Hudson River, New York

Featuring an even taller upper lighted gird area, in Croton-On-Hudson, New York. We hope to see some night photos soon, illustrating the art glass chosen by our homeowner.

Flanked by:
Driveway Gate #16-3
Pedestrian Gate #52
Fence Panel #3

Column #2-2
lighted gate columns in New York


      This Column is Base Price


The #2 Gate Column. Two-Sided grid.

Column #2-2
Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #2



In Claremont, CA (near Pasadena)

The Columns acting as Post Wraps to 6x6 steel core posts. Hinging methods vary per contractor, and yet all methods require welding an arm off the steel post that fits through the solid face of the column by way corresponding mortises provided by Prowell. Detailed drawings accompany every order.

Column #2
driveway gate wood columns in Los Angeles


In Claremont, CA (near Pasadena)

A view of the residence. A series of products were commissioned for this property
Fence style #24
Gate #10-1
Pony Panels #2


Column #2
Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #201. Prowell




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Landscape Architecture 2004
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