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Outdoor Columns as Post Wraps and Exterior Lighting for a Prowell Entry Assembly






Miami, Florida

With this Miami property, we find the 6x6 steel posts situated behind existing and structurally unsound stone columns. An overall opening that accommodates both the Driveway Gate and Pedestrian Gate, separated by a steel post that has been wrapped with our Wood Gate Column style #2.

Shown with Gate Style #51 modified for a top gable rail

Post Wraps Prowell
Wood Columns




The purpose of the Outdoor Columns is to conceal the steel or wood post, while linking the Gates and the Gate Columns as a single design feature.

Below, A single Wood Column separating a pedestrian and driveway gates.

Shown with Driveway Gate Style #16

Column #3
Exterior Lighting Outdoor Columns
      This Column is Base Price

Kentfield, CA (Marin County)

We see the Pedestrian Gate hinging directly off the columns with 4" bronze ball-bearing butt hinges provided with all Prowell gate orders. The latch is triggered with a Rofu electronic strike system not recommended. (Standard lock-sets require a much narrower swing clearance, and therefore run a higher risk of seeing the gate swell, causing it to wedge against the post or column and what results is a pushing and shoving motion each time the gate is opened and closed. The joinery is not happy with this effort, and for that reason, we will not stand by the long term survival of a gate not sing a standard gate latch with a horizontal drop bar.)

For more information on electronic gate access, Click Here

  Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
Column #3-1

Four Lighted Gate Columns supporting a double Driveway Gate, with a Pedestrian Gate on the right and a fixed Wood Fence Panel on the left.

Shown with Driveway Gate style #14

  Architecural Landscape Lighting
    GATE COLUMN #3-2
      This Column is Base Price + 9%

Gate Column #3 in Bel Air, CA.

An example of where the column was designed to the existing dimensions of a stucco pillar. As with most all Gate Columns, it arrived as a three-sided unit, slipping around the existing post and the fourth side secured in place as a final, easy step.

Photos courtesy of Alice Patterson Photography

  Wood Post Wrap
Column #3-2
Shown with the Driveway Gate #26 and Pedestrian Gate #92.
  Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #3 in Beverly Hills

In this application, however, we might best consider our assembly in a more modest role by giving it a color that is more in keeping with the precedent of the house. We're after the overall affect, the sum of the various contributions to a property preferably not allowed to upstage the balance of the whole. Perhaps the olive green we see within the window sashes and bay roof-line would be a better color match.
  Outdoor Columns

Landscape Lighting
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