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prowell woodworks for garden gates


Illustrating an application of the Gate Columns to a Driveway Gate
that surface-mounts to an exposed steel frame.




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Unlighted Columns #4 with two mortised openings

wood columns, Lighted
Column #4

Groveland, CA (near Yosemite)

Steel frames can be either exposed or embedded within the Drive Gates. The columns are unlighted.

  Outdoor Lighting Post Wraps
Column #4
  Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #4
Column #4

Showing the exposed steel tube frame as it links to the columns with their steel post core. The gates simply surface-mount onto the steel frame.
  Wood Columns
Column #4

Illustrating how the columns are mortised to accept the steel hinge-plate welded to the steel post and extending through the columns

  landscape columns


Showing the column mortised by Prowell to accept the hinge bar welded to the inner steel post. This face of the columns is the loose face, arriving temporarily tacked in place. On site, it is removed and the column is slipped around the posts, with the fourth side set in place so the mortise fits over the welded hinge arm.

Lighted Landscape Garden Columns #4. Prowell


Landscape Lighting
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