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Prowell's Lighted Outdoor Column as a Driveway Gate Post Wrap.




This Column is Base Price

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Lighted Column #6 features a single-pane lighted area.

Gate Columns feature two the two solid sides and two open upper sections. The solid faces feature a pair of slots for lighting effects.



Column #6

Palo Alto, CA
Gate Columns #6 offering the full light of an unobstructed Plexiglas without grids and patterns.
  driveway Gate Wood Columns
Column #6

The fixtures are 36-bulb LED rated at 70,000 hrs. The fixtures arrive in place and with their own transformer and appropriate gauge #18 wiring stubbed out at the bottom for an easy connection to the source.
  driveway Gate lighted columns
Column #6

For automated Driveway Gates with In-Ground operators, there must be a top pivot hinge. Here we show the solid face of the column mortised to accept the non-load-bearing hinge bar welded to the steel post and fed through.
  wood columns
    GARDEN GATE #6-1
      This Column is Base Price

Woodside, CA

Deep in the redwoods overlooking the Pacific to the west and the Silicon Valley to the east, another example of the #6 columns with an almost identical Driveway Gate style #2

  Landscape Lighting Post Wraps
Column #6-1

We include this photo to illustrate how a pair of sliding gates can be surface-mounted to a single-span steel frame. The existing flanking fence-lines await matching Prowell Fence Panels.
  gate post wraps
Column #6-1

The difference between Prowell's Lighted Gate Post Wraps and the Landscape Lighting Column is illustrated here, with the parallel side of the column as solid panels, reliefed with the small slots for fixture circulation and accented lighting. On sliding gates, there is a clearance between the column and gate of approximately 1", allowing the gates to slide behind the column when opening or closing.
   Bollard Light Wood Column

Landscape Lighting
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#6 (1006-Williams)
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