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Shipping Rates and Crating Methodologies


The majority of our commissions originate east of the Mississippi. Due, it would seem, from the simple fact that 80% of the you actually live east of the Mississippi. We have for decades employed one and two-man artisan shops situated in specific markets such as DC and Chicago to represent this imbalance. But they are often overwhelmed. To muster a timely turn-a-round we will in such cases fulfill your commission in the Sonoma County, CA shop and ship it back for the same delivery fee. This has resulted, after decades of exclusive shipping contracts with UPS Freight, with an 87% discount off all standard rates.

For example:
A single gate shipping anywhere west of the Mississippi: $225. East of the Mississippi: $275
A single gate shipping to Honolulu : $275

For those of you residing locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, a list of delivery fees, based on single gates. Chuck Gantt manages our local deliveries. He will reach out to to insure he meets your requirements regarding scnhedules and times.
Sonoma County: $75
Marin County: $125
East Bay: $175
San Francisco: $175
East Bay Contra Costa: $250
Northern Peninsula: To Redwood City: $225
Southern Peninsula anywhere south of Redwood City is shipped UPS Freight at $275

It is always best to have someone present to accept delivery. In the event of a potentially damaged crate, you must sign off on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery noting the possibly damaged crate. If on later inspection, there is damage to the product, you must contact UPS freight at the number on your receipt to report this damage within 5 days of delivery and request an inspector. If damage is not noted on the delivery receipt and UPS is not contacted within 5 days, liability falls on the receiver. Prowell Woodworks will not automatically replace your damaged product free of charge.

For some orders of a variable volume or value, we will wave the shipping and crating fee. Your shipping costs are otherwise dependent upon what you order and where it is going. Within the regular shipping lanes, dominated by the bulk of American commerce, the rates are less than if you are located in a remote corner of, say, the upper Michigan peninsula. Because we are a Build-To-Order business, each crate and shipping rate becomes custom. If we sold one gate at one specific size, we would of course have a volume of crates or boxes fabricated to that size. But we do not sell just one product and one size, nor even a limited inventory of ready-made sizes and designs.

If your decision on whether or not to purchase a Prowell product hinges on our reasonable shipping cost, you might consider limiting your wish list and opt for a company offering free or discount shipping. These offers will often appear in large red print, followed by an exclamation point. Otherwise, relax. Prowell's shipping rates are surprisingly affordable.

Crating: A word regarding just how your order arrives. Most garden gates, drive gates, and flanking fence panels are crated in double 275-lb test cardboard and rigid corners. The UPS Freight driver will off-load your box or crate(s) at the foot of your driveway. It is your responsibility to either transport this to a preferred location, or simply open the crate or box and move the contents to the preferred location. It is also an acceptable courtesy to ask the driver, for a reasonable stipend, if he will use his hand hoist to move the crate beyond the foot of the drive. The drivers, by union contract, are not obligated to leave the crate anywhere but the foot of the driveway. It is also common that your installer / contractor will arrange to be present for delivery. UPS will call your contact phone when they arrive at the local dock, arranging a delivery time. If your order is crated instead of boxed,, we will insure the truck is equipped with a lift gate.

Damage: Remember, if you sign off to have the crate delivered with no one present, you must open the crate and inspect the contents for potential damage. If in fact on the rare occasion the product is damaged, you must contact UPS at the phone number on your delivery receipt within 5 days of delivery. Take photos and request an inspector. If you fail to report any damage by either making a note of this on your delivery receipt at the time of delivery, or by calling within 5 days, you may be liable for the damage, relieving yourself of any rights to a damage claim. Prowell Woodworks cannot automatically replaced products damaged during shipping.

It is extremely rare that our products are damaged during shipping. But it is important to make note of it at the time and contact UPS within 5 days of receipt.

And finally:

Our standard we-forgot-to-mention up-charge for delivery up-charges to Mardi Gras type calamities where the up-charge is a discretionary sum arrived at pretty much by how the Prowell Woodworks staff reacts to such goings on from the country-bumpkin safe-haven distance of rural Sebastopol, where there was once a calamity back in the 80's when Edgar Edgar and his son Edgar Edgar Jr went dove hunting in the Laguna behind the Ford dealer and their one shot ricocheted off a no-trespassing sign to carom off the side mirror of a new F-150 and eventually clean through the front tire of little Adlai Means new tricycle and you'd a thought it was a gang ! war, given all the hullabaloo. People over-reacted--hippies mostly--and they boycotted the Ford dealer, who had only the one truck to sell anyway, and had lots of meetings and basic hippy effrontery that resulted in the sign posted on Hwy 116:
Welcome to Sebastopol
Nuclear free zone
Land mine free zone
Drug free zone
Pesticide free zone
Dove-free zone


joineryChuck Gantt manages our bay area deliveries


Beyond the Bay Area, your products are boxed or crated as shown below.


joineryTypical single product crate





joinery This is our preferred crate style for multiple products. --1/2" or 3/4" ply ribbed with 1x4 certified shipping stock, such as dry spruce or fir. The gates inside are separated with corrugated cardboard and the crate edges lined with either foam, Styrofoam, or 1/2" sound-board. The Gates themselves are individually shrink-wrapped.

wood gate crate




joinery Below, a crate being packed with multiple panels.

wood fence designs




joinery Below, an unusually heavy Driveway Gate crated with a Pyramid style crate.

shipping crate




joinery Below, A pair of standard upright crates shipping 45 panels to New Jersey.





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