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Prowell's Signature Wood Shutters




Our Wood Shutter Style #1 features 2" open grids with horizontal and vertical dividers at 2" widths. 1-5/8" thickness.

Built to your specs (priced per shutter)
To 48' height
To 60" height
To 72" height
>>To 36" width
>>To 48" width

Wood Shutter #1
custom wood shutters #1. p-rowell
shutters cedar. prowell

Wood Shutters #1

La Quinta, CA

La Quinta is a desert community mindful of the year-roind sunlight. To soften the light, and it's associated summer heat, the open grid shutters provide a matrix of lighted squares thrown across the living room floor at certain times of daylight.

The nsolution to soften the sun, while achieving a successful resultion toward a few defining details as marchitectural signatures.





wood shutters #1
Wood Shutters #1

La Quinta, CA






wood grid shjutters in southern california



Built to your specs (priced per shutter)
To 48' height
To 60" height
To 72" height
To 96" height
>>To 36" width
>>To 48" width

Our Wood Shutter Style 21 features 3" open grids with horizontal and vertical dividers at 3" widths. 1-5/8" thickness.

Wood Shutter #2


Wood Shutters #2


Although they appear to be decorative, the two shutters flanking the inner pool/courtyard access can be closed at certian times of the day. Not as security, but simply to mute the sunlight.


Andrew Schaffner NCARB DESIGNER











Cutting the half lap joinery. The secondary table saw in the shop is set permanently with the dado blades. The dadoes are cut uniformly by means of a stop block and a spacer block.

Shutters Progress
creating half-laps for prowell wood gates.



On the larger shutters a joint that extends the tenons through the frame stiles, and wedged to spread the tenon tight against the cheeks of the mortise.

To view more on Prowell Joinery

Shutters Progress
wood joinery for shutters.prowell

The finished joint

Shutters Progress



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