Prowell's Product Lines include Garden Gates, Driveway Gates, Garden Fences, Garden Arbors, Garden Benches and Porch Swings, Gate Columns and Landscape Lighting Fixtures. Over 500 Photographs!

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Whiling away hours on the Prowell Woodworks site can lead you into the nether regions of a dreamy pastime. 810 pages of lovely landscapes and architecture populated with all sorts of products coupled throughout with rhythms of wit and insight that could be considered many things . . but never a waste of time.

If from time to time you lose your way. Forget your place. Consider the Site Map as a station to regather your bearings and where you will also find links that are not available anywhere else on the web site.


    Gate Hardware Rocky Mountain Bronze Gate Hardware
  Regarding Installation All About Your Installations. In English and Spanish
  Product Specifications In Depth Specifications and Details
  Pre-Finish Options A Word about Various Finishes
  Basememt Sale Occasional Offerngs at Big Discounts
  Product Galleries  
  Gallery #1 Custom Wood Garden Gates
  Gallery #1A Custom Wood Garden Gates
  Gallery #1B Custom Wood Garden Gates
  Gallery #1C Custom Wood Garden Gates
  Gallery #2 Custom Wood Driveway Gates
  Gallery #3 Custom Wood Fence Panels
  Gallery #3A Custom Wood Porch Railings
  Gallery #3B Custom Wood Fence 'Pony Panels'
  Gallery #3C Custom Wood Trellis Panels
  Gallery #4 Custom Wood Garden Arbors
  Gallery #5 Gate Columns and Lighting Assemblies
  Gallery #6 Garden Benches and Porch Swings
  Base Price Tables
  Garden Gate Pricing Base Cost Table / General Information
  Fence Pricing Base Cost Table / General Information
  Drive Gate Pricing Base Cost Table / General Information
  Column Pricing Base Cost Table / General Information
  Gates . fences . drive gates . arbor . post caps
  Single or Double Gates? Considering your options
  Setting Fence Posts How to Set a Post to Last 30 Years!
  Gate Swing Diagram Swing Handing Illustration
  Example Fence Layout Calculating Panel Counts, etc
  Prowell's Custom Post Cap Our Signature Post Caps
  Speakeasy Options Gates w/Privacy Peepholes
  Sloping Grades 3 Options for Sloping Grades
  Pool Gates and Codes Codes and Hardware Links
  Double Off-Set Gates Walkway Openings of 60" +_
Gate Swing Diagram Simple illustration
  Obscure Glass PDF Examples of obscure glass styles
  Prowell's Custom Corbels Our Signature Arbor Corbels
  Swing Hardware and Specs Installation and Accessories
  Shipping and Crating Typ. crates and local deliveries
  How Long Will it Last? Revisiting early Installations 20 yrs later
  A Word about Wood Wood Grain, Grades, Moisture, and Ring Counts
  Testimonials Not Your Usual Corrspondence
  Content vs Technique A Word about art . . . and life
  Craftsman Doctrine An Historical Consideration


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This Web Site was launched in the Spring of 1996.

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