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Illustrating a typical Cane Bolt and the Gate Stop.
The Gate Stop is included with all double gates. The cane bolt is an added, but necessary accessory that can be source through Prowell, or elsewhere.

wood gates
Prowell's preferred 4" solid brass ball-bearing butt hinge.
Dark Bronze or Nickel patina
Unlike removable pin hinges, ball-bearing hinges maintain their tight swing action forever.

At $68/pair ($90/3 singles), you are not obligated to use this hinge. And yet, it is the best exterior hinge on the market and we would prefer you don't opt for the small savingson a lesser hinge, which in turn can become the weak link of the gate's functionality.



* Step by Step Installation Text

* Installer Puerto Espagnol

wood gates PDF Specifications

* Wood Gate Stops

* 60" openings? Dbl Off-Set Options

* Setting Your Post

* Setting Jambs to Columns

* Setting Jambs to Steel Posts

* Swing Direction

wood gates Latch Boring Specifications

* Rocky Mountain

* Coastal Bronze #40-300 Thumb Latch

wood gates CPW Gate Hardware

* Rocky Mountain Hardware

* Optional Bronze Hardware

* Pool Code Reference

wood gates 3rd Party Gate Hardware Links

* Full Swing Pivot Hinge

prowell cane bolt for wood gates
Prowell ball-bearing hinges for wood gatesbronze ball-bearing hinge




wood gates

Commonly, double gates will opt for a dummy, or inoperable latch on the fixed gate.
The majority of you do not. While the Dummy latch offers symmetry, it also offers the confusion to the arriving guest of which gate works. Half the time the wrong gate, met with the abruptness of a fixed cane bolt before turning to the other, operable gate and ultimately, eventually, your guests gain access in a fit of minor agitation.

rocky mountain latches for wood gates



wood gates
A typical hardware for a double gate:
Rocky Mountain latch ( E414 shown)
Generic Gate Stop (
* Despite our suggestions over the years, Rocky Mt does not offer a Gate Stop)
Rocky Mountain Cane Bolt CB

cane bolts for double gates



wood gates

  Emtek EMPowered  
  Emtek EMTouch-  

The EMPowered lock is available as a simple elctronic dead bolt where the code is entered and the bolt is withdrawn to allow access.

PRICING: $333.00

The EMPowered SMART lock offers the flexibility of nesting with your phone and controled from anywhere.

PRICING: $497.00

Oil-rubbed bronze (10B)--Shown below
Satin Nickel (US15)
Flat Black (US19)
Pliched Chrome (US26)



The EMTouch operates with the keypad principle, but once the code is entered, the bolt is withdrawn by physically turning the thumbpiece.

PRICING: $277.00

Oil-rubbed bronze (10B)
Satin Nickel (US15)
Flat Black (US19)
Pliched Chrome (US26)

  Emtek EMPowered dead bolt
Emtek EMTouch dead bolt

EMPowered™ Product Features:
• Standard door prep 21⁄8” bore. • Fits standard door thickness of 11⁄2” to 21⁄4”.
• Complete set includes both 23⁄8” and 23⁄4” latches, strike plates and 4 AA batteries.
• EMPowered Deadbolt only available with square corner latch face plate.
• Tapered Deadbolt
• Emtek’s standard mechanical and finish warranties along with a 1 year warranty on electronic components.
BACKLIT KEYPAD - Keypad wakes with a touch and includes numbers that won’t wear off.
OPTIONAL SETTINGS - Customized auto re-lock, privacy mode and tamper alarms with the lock settings.
MOTORIZED DEADBOLT - Quiet motor with tapered deadbolt to accommodate misaligned doors.
VOICE ASSISTANT: Will guide you through the sert-up and menu option in 3 languages.
- Rubber gasket increases protection against outdoor environments.
MANAGE CODES - Create up to 25 user PIN codes to share with friends and family. Unlimited codes with Connected by August.

EMPowered™ SMART Lock Features:
CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE - Includes the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge so you can lock and unlock from anywhere using your August app.
SHARE ACCESS - Grant access to your home for the people you trust. Give permanent/temporary access or set a unique access schedule.
24/7 HISTORY - See who comes and goes with smartphone notifications and a 24/7 access history in the app.
USE YOUR VOICE - Works with the three leading voice assistants; Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.
COMES WITH AUGUST DOORSENSE™ - Know if your door is not only locked or unlocked but also closed or opened.
WORKS WITH AUGUST DOORBELLS - See who’s at your door and unlock the door right from your August app.
AUTO-LOCK - Never worry if your door is locked again. Auto-Lock can be set for immediate or on a timer for as short as 30 sec or as long as 30 min.
AUTO UN-LOCK - Auto-Unlock knows when you arrive and unlocks the door as you approach. Never fumble for keys again.

EMTouch Product Features:
• Fits any door between 13⁄4” to 21⁄4” thick with a 21/8” bore standard door prep.
• Installs easily with only a Phillips head screwdriver.
• Easy to use installation and programming instructions included.
• Factory programmed with 2 unique, secure user codes for use right out of the box.
• Can be programmed with up to 20 user codes of your choice.
• Codes can be added and deleted.
• Easy lock operation, simply push the Emtek button and turn the exterior thumb turn to lock.
• Easy unlock operation, enter the 4 digit code and turn the exterior thumb turn.
• Programming changes can be made easily using the keypad.
• Sleek keypad has a protective coating to prevent wear patterns.
• Illuminated keypad for easy and quick operation after dark.
• Low battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the battery.
• Emtek’s standard mechanical and finish warranties along with a 2 year warranty on electronic components



The below products should be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Click on the images

  wood gatesHydraulic Closers and Pool Code Latch Options

A solution to the repeated slamming of a wind tunnel, as well as local Pool Code requiring self-closing gates.
Click Here for info on Pool Codes for Prowell Gates


Gate Width
Gate Weight
To 54"
To 125 lbs
50 -125 lbs
$288 ($426 Stainless)
40" - 64"
75 - 175 lbs
$288 ($426 Stainless)
44" - 72"
150 - 250lbs.
$288 steel ($426 Stainless)

*Note: Although the wood stops that come with the gates are designed to act as Stops and prevent the horizontal latch bar from serving this role, it is important to screw the
wood stops to the post or jambs in lieu of finish nails that will loosen over time and our Stop will then default to the latch bar, which will eventually break over repeated slamming.

wood gates Lockey Hydraulic Closers
wood gates Lockey Hydraulic Closers
wood gates Lockey TB175--$75
For our gates that are only 1-1/2" thickness
pool gate hydraulic closer
pool gate hydraulic closer


*Download the PDF Install Guide

* Lockey videos on Installing TB175


* Download the PDF Install Guide

*Lockey videos on Installing TB200, 400, and 600



  • Lockey Hydraulic Gate Closer TB175 fits most flush gate and frame arrangements
    where the gate weight is up to 125 lbs and width is no more than 54 inches. Both the
    travel and latching speeds are fully adjustable, ensuring gates close in a controlled manner.
    These closers are particularly suited to garden gates, picket gates, barrier gates and
    lightweight doors (NON FIRE RATED).
  • No special skills are required to install the gate closes, as detailed step-by-step instructions
    are included. In performance tests, the TB175 has achieved 100,000 cycles. For Use With
    Gates Up To 125 LBS And 54" Wide.
  • Material Steel Color Black Finish Powder coated
  • Max. opening angle 90 degrees
  • Max. gate weight 125 lbs.
  • Max. gate width 54 inches
  • Types of gate material Timber / metal / vinyl
  • Gate closing speed Adjustable Gate latching speed Adjustable

*Note: Because of the 1-3/4" wide mounting plate, this is not for those with utilizing
Prowell's 1-1/2" thick jambs. (See TB400)

  • Lockey Hydraulic Gate Closer TB400, also known as a Pedestrian Gate Closer, does not slam gates shut. It firmly and quietly pushes gates closed, making it ideal for use with Lockey Locks, magnetic locks and other latching devices. The closing speed is pre-set to provide a controlled close of 8 seconds or more*, depending upon the weight of the gate and quality of hinges. With this closer there is no risk of maladjustment or tampering with the speed adjustment after it is fitted. (NON FIRE RATED)
  • Each gate closer includes instructions, mounting brackets and fitting bar. As with most gate closers, it is advisable to install a mechanical stop to restrict the gate opening angle** to avoid damage to the closer.
  • Easy to install. For Use With Gates Up To 175 LBS And 64" Wide.
  • Material Steel Finish Black painted Hinge arrangements
  • In-line and offset Opening angle**
  • Maximum of 110 deg.
  • Gate weight Up to 125 lbs.
  • Gate width Up to 52 inches
  • Types of gate materials Timber or steel
  • Gate closing speed* Hydraulically controlled.

*Note: The mounting plate for the TB200 can be swiveled to mount directly against the
face of a jamb or post.

wood gates SureClose Hydraulic Knuckle Closers
  The SureClose® ReadyFit Hinges are compact, heavy-duty, hydraulic, hinge-closers. The external mounting brackets allow quick and easy alignment and installation. SureClose ReadyFit hinges come in two models. See 'Features.' below
wood gatesSureClose ReadyFit 108 SF----D&D Technologies    
Wood Garden Gate Pool Closer


For gates at 48" or less in width.
One self-closing Sure-Close hinge 108 SF S and one dummy Sure-Close hinge 108SM S.

Works on left or right-handed, in swing or out swing applications.

The 108 SF S self-closing hinge opens to 90-degrees.
(Code# 74108323)

The Sure-Close dummy hinge 108SF S
(Code # 74001313)

  A few photo mock-ups showing a visual of the SureClose Hinge
  The wood lags that are supplied with the hinges are insufficient and designed for metal gates. Identical lags, but longer, are available on Amazon:
(Simpson Strong Tie Outdoor Accents Simpson SD10112DBBR50#10 x 1-1/2-inch Hex Head Black Powder-Coat Connector Screw (50-Pack), 1-1/2")
Most gates require only one SureClose Hydraulic closing hinge, shown on the bottom. The upper hinge is identical, but non-hydraulic.
SureClose hinge spec SF108
SureClose hinge ReadyFit
  The cylindrical end of both hinges adjusts the gap between the gate and post. A huge convenience to the installer, who can assume an even gap along the swing/latch edge by simply rotating the adjustment hinge cylinder
SureClose hinge mockup
  SureClose hinge spec
wood gates Pivot Hinge
  wood gates Low Tech Pintle style Pivot Hinge
If you want a pivot style hinge without the band strap across the front of the gate, this is one option



bolt hinge
Follow this link to Electronic Access.
Also, follow this link to Pool Code Gates.




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