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product specifications
Supplemental Photos and Text

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wood gatesA temporary embedded jamb mounted to the block core. The stonemason has set his irregular stone to the jamb template, which is replaced when the Prowell jambs arrive with the gate. The jamb thickness is the depth of the stone + 1/2" to allow free gate swing.

wood gates A front view of an irregular stone column after the stone has been set and the
temporary jamb removed.

Embedded Jambs-1
Embedded Jambs-1


* Extentuating Circumstances

* Step by Step Installation Text

* Installer Puertas Espanol

wood gates PDF Specifications

* Wood Gate Stops

* 60" openings? Dbl Off-Set Options

* Setting Your Post

* Setting Jambs to Columns

* Setting Jambs to Steel Posts

* Swing Direction

wood gates Latch Boring Specifications

* Rocky Mountain Latches / dead bolts
---E304, E414, #236, E701, E504, E465, E560

* Rocky Mountain Tubular Combinations
---E475/463, E738/737, E558/557, E358,357

* Optional Bronze #40-300 Thumblatch

wood gates CPW Gate Hardware

* Rocky Mountain Hardware

* Optional Bronze Hardware

* Pool Code Reference

wood gates 3rd Party Gate Hardware Links

* Full Swing Pivot Hinge

gate jambs
stone columns for gate jambs
Embedded Jambs-2
Embedded Jambs-2

wood gates Illustrating how the stone is cut to fit and the voids are filled with mortor for a tight fit. The jambs is 1/2" proud of the outermost stone to insure a free gate swing


wood gates The total jamb thickness for this application is 2-3/4". This is the measurement from
the cinder block core to the outermost stone, plus 1/2".


Embedded Jambs-3
Embedded Jambs-3

wood gates An in-progress illustrating an embedded jamb onto a typical block column with a steel post core and irregular stone cladding.

wood jambs for wood gates

wood gates Two columns, with the temporary jambs set. The stone can now be completed,
while work on the gate progresses independantly.

embedding wood jambs into stone gate columns

Surface Jambs
Cane Bolt / Gate Stops

wood gates Illustrating a typical jamb mounted to stucco columns with overhanging caps. Here the cap overhangs only 1". The jambs are 1-1/2" thick, so the remaining 1/2" is chamfered (mitered) to avoid the unsightly end cut. The jambs are mounted with recessed masonry spread bolts.

how to install jambs for wood gates

wood gates Illustrating a typical #80-100 bronze Cane Bolt and the #50-250 bronze gate stop.
The 50-250 is included with all double gates. The cane bolt is an added, but necessary accessory.

prowell cane bolt for wood gates

RMH Latch

wood gates All gates include the 4" bronze ball-bearing hinge.
Dark Bronze or Nickel


wood gates Rocky Mountain strike plates should be mortised (chiseled) flush to the post

Prowell ball-bearing hinges for wood gates
Coastal #40-300 Thumb Latch
RMH Latch
wood gates The Coastal Thumb Latch #40-300 configuration
wood gates The Coastal Bronze Gate Stop #50-250 is mortised in flush to the edge of the
fixed double gate. It is NOT surface-mounted or you will lose your swing clearance.
rocky mountain latches for wood gates
RMH with Key Flap
RMH W/O Key Flaps

wood gates A typical hardware for a double gate:
Rocky Mountain latch E414
Coastal Bronze Gate Stop #50-250
Coastal Bronze Cane Bolt #80-100

wood gates Most Rocky Mountain dead bolts cannot utilize the key flaps for gates of 1-1/2"
thickness. This is what it looks like, without the standard flap. The key slot itself is in
no danger of rusting or being exposed to the elements, as it is solid brass machining.
(The separate dead bolt DB507, which we carry as inventory, can accommodate the
1-1/2" while including the flap).

Rocky Mountain gate latches

Sloped Grades
Double Off-Set Gates
wood gates Regarding Sloping Grades (click on the image below for more info on Sloped Grades )
wood gates Double Off-Set gates (click on the image below for more info on Sloped Grades )
double wood gates
  gates with sloping grades

The below products should be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Click on the images

  wood gatesHydraulic Closers and Pool Code Latch Options

A solution to the repeated slamming of a wind tunnel, as well as local Pool Code requiring self-closing gates.
Click Here for info on Pool Codes for Prowell Gates


Gate Width
Gate Weight
To 54"
To 125 lbs
50 -125 lbs
$288 ($426 Stainless)
40" - 64"
75 - 175 lbs
$288 ($426 Stainless)
44" - 72"
150 - 250lbs.
$288 steel ($426 Stainless)

*Note: Although the wood stops that come with the gates are designed to act as Stops and prevent the horizontal latch bar from serving this role, it is important to screw the
wood stops to the post or jambs in lieu of finish nails that will loosen over time and our Stop will then default to the latch bar, which will eventually break over repeated slamming.

Lockey Hydraulic Closers
Lockey Hydraulic Closers
wood gates Lockey TB175--$75
For our gates that are only 1-1/2" thickness
pool gate hydraulic closer
pool gate hydraulic closer
* Download the PDF Install Guide * Download the PDF Install Guide


  • Lockey Hydraulic Gate Closer TB175 fits most flush gate and frame arrangements
    where the gate weight is up to 125 lbs and width is no more than 54 inches. Both the
    travel and latching speeds are fully adjustable, ensuring gates close in a controlled manner.
    These closers are particularly suited to garden gates, picket gates, barrier gates and
    lightwight doors (NON FIRE RATED).
  • No special skills are required to install the gate closes, as detailed step-by-step instructions
    are included. In performance tests, the TB175 has achieved 100,000 cycles. For Use With
    Gates Up To 125 LBS And 54" Wide.
  • Material Steel Color Black Finish Powder coated
  • Max. opening angle 90 degrees
  • Max. gate weight 125 lbs.
  • Max. gate width 54 inches
  • Types of gate material Timber / metal / vinyl
  • Gate closing speed Adjustable Gate latching speed Adjustable

*Note: Because of the 1-3/4" wide mounting plate, this is not for those with utilizing
Prowell's 1-1/2" thick jambs. (See TB400)

  • Lockey Hydraulic Gate Closer TB400, also known as a Pedestrian Gate Closer, does not slam gates shut. It firmly and quietly pushes gates closed, making it ideal for use with Lockey Locks, magnetic locks and other latching devices. The closing speed is pre-set to provide a controlled close of 8 seconds or more*, depending upon the weight of the gate and quality of hinges. With this closer there is no risk of maladjustment or tampering with the speed adjustment after it is fitted. (NON FIRE RATED)
  • Each gate closer includes instructions, mounting brackets and fitting bar. As with most gate closers, it is advisable to install a mechanical stop to restrict the gate opening angle** to avoid damage to the closer.
  • Easy to install. For Use With Gates Up To 175 LBS And 64" Wide.
  • Material Steel Finish Black painted Hinge arrangements
  • In-line and offset Opening angle**
  • Maximum of 110 deg.
  • Gate weight Up to 125 lbs.
  • Gate width Up to 52 inches
  • Types of gate materials Timber or steel
  • Gate closing speed* Hydraulically controlled.

*Note: The mounting plate for the TB200 can be swiveled to mount directly against the
face of a jamb or post.

SureClose Hydraulic Knuckle Closers
>>To SureClose Web Site--where to buy
  The SureClose® ReadyFit Hinges are compact, heavy-duty, hydraulic, hinge-closers designed for commercial, industrial and estate gates. The external mounting brackets allow quick
and easy alignment and installation. No need for drilling large holes! Designed for commercial, industrial, custom residential and estate gates, SureClose ReadyFit hinges come in two
basic models, with choice or aluminum or steel mounting brackets. All self-closing models feature a final snap action for overcoming electric or coded locks found in many security applications. Also available is a non-self-closing version (for access control and most heavy commercial or residential gates). Hinges can be used in different combinations for a variety
of applications. All hinges are sold individually.
wood gatesSureClose ReadyFit 108 SF----D&D Technologies    
Wood Garden Gate Pool Closer


For all square post steel or aluminum gates
Fits a broad range of applications

Heavy-duty construction
Robust, durable and designed to last (500,000 cycles)

Dual Bearing Glide System
Withstands heavy loads

Aluminum versions have 50 micron thick anodizing
High corrosion resistance

Works on left or right-handed, inswing or outswing applications
Versatile design options

Mounting brackets can be powder coated and/or painted

Best warranty in the industry
Rigorous testing programs ensure SureClose if of the highest quality, enabling us to
back each model with a 2-year warranty. If you have any problems, D&D will handle
them personally.

Magna Latch Gate Locks
wood gates Magna Latch Top Pull--$65 +-
(Click the image to go to their web site)
  More information on the Magna Latch Top Pull can be found on the Pool Code Page
  • Magnetically triggered
    (self latching, no jamming)
  • Highly child resistant
  • Key lockable (2 models)
  • Meets Pool Safety Standards
  • Fits new and existing gates
  • Adjustable for 3/8" to 1-7/16" gap
    (see below)
  • Can adjust up to a 2" gap with
    optional spacer.
  • Made to fit square posts but
    can fit round posts with
    optional adapter.
  • Tested to 400,000 cycles
  • Independently tested to meet
    international safety codes
    (for fences 5' high and higher)


Armature Motors

wood gates PDF Specifications

* Wood Gate Stops

* Setting Your Post

* Setting Jambs to Columns

* Setting Jambs to Steel Posts

wood gates CPW Gate Hardware

* Rocky Mountain Hardware

* Optional Bronze Hardware

wood gates Hydraulic Gate Closers

* Lockey TB175

* Lockey TB200

* Lockey TB600

wood gates Automated Armature Motors

* Appollo 1500 * FAAC

* Viking G5

* Viking G5 Video

* Elite Miracle One

wood gates Security Access

* Magna Lock  

wood gates


Non Automated Driveway Gates are 2-1/4" thickness and mount with the CPW 4" ball-bearing hinge to: Wood 6x6 posts, Steel posts, or CPW Jambs mounted to masonry columns.

They normally utilize the same latch options and configurations as a pedestrian gate.

They are installed with the same procedure as a double pedestrian gate.

Gate openings of 12' overall between posts or columns are two gate leaves at 6' each, which weight approximately 125 lbs ea, depending on the gate style.

Hinges are surface-mounted to the posts/jambs and gate to insure air flow on all six sides of the gate.

Gates that are considered pool gates must 1) Open out away from the property 2) Be self-closing, and 3) Have a lockable latch at a specified height..

Self-closing is most often met with the Lockey TB400 self-closing Hydraulic closer--linked on the left column

Lockable latches can be either a gate latch and a dead bolt set at the required height, or often, the Magna Latch Top Pull discussed in the above specifications for garden gates.

Automation for wood driveway gates

wood gates FAAC shown mounted from Prowell's Column to a steel frame.

Automation for wood driveway gates in Berkeley

wood gates Another example of armature motor
(For a single-span exposed steel frame)

Automation for wood driveway gates by prowell

wood gates


Prowell Woodworks does not provide automation for our Driveway Gates.
The below specs are for your general information.

Automated Driveway Gates are the common default. Option #1 gates can utilize the low-profile armature style motors that are rated for gates that do not exceed approximately 700 lbs, depending on the manufacturer.

The more common armature style motors:


Automation for wood driveway gates #16

driveway gate motors

Viking G5 gate motor

wood gates A close-up of the motor on the bottom left

Automation for wood driveway gates



* Step by Step Installation Text

* Extentuating Circumstances

wood gates PDF Specifications--sketches

* T-Bar Mounted to Column Core

* T-Bar with Knuckle Type Hinge

wood gates Automation Motors--sketches

* In-Ground Operators

* In-Ground Operators #2

wood gates Automation Motors--Links --In-Ground

* Viking 18 Dual
--Viking 18 Video

* SEA Compact 1600

--FAAC Video

--Above Ground (Pad Mounted)

* Viking F1

* Elite Roboslide



* 95% of Option #2 Driveway Gates are automated.
* With the exception of the In-Ground motors, automation can be added at any time after the driveway gates are installed.
* With the exception of In-Ground, motors are pad-mounted. Armature style motors are insufficient for the weight of Option #2 load.
* All Option #2 Driveway Gates are mounted to an exposed 2" hollow tube steel frame.
* Hinge styles weld to the steel frame
* Hinging off steel posts or steel core masonry columns.

* The hinge system is at the discretion of the installer or automation contractor. We will provide any plates or mounts upon request. Whatever hinge system s preferred, We will require the specified clearance, which in turn determines our net gate widths.

wood gatesA Few Explanatory Photos
Steel Frames
Steel Frames

wood gates

Showing the added vertical stile often required for mounting the motor arm. Also showing the top and bottom pivot-style hinge plates.

exposed steel frames for wood driveway gates


wood gates

A typical frame built to the Prowell dimensioned specifications. Drawings are posted for each project, including the dimensions for the steel frame to insure it aligns with the wood stiles and rails of the gates. The wood gate then simply surface-mounts to the steel frame. Site hinge systems weld off the exposed steel frame.

drive gate frame

Steel Frames
Steel Frames

wood gates

A typical above grade Roboslide motor and the motor arm mounting to a lower horizontal steel rail.

exposed steel frames for wood driveway gates #2


wood gates

Showing again how every motor manufacturer varies the specs for where their motor arms mount to the gates--varying heights and reaches. Wherever they mount, the steel frame must incorporate a vertical or horizontal mounting bar.

exposed steel frames for wood driveway gates #6

Steel Frames

wood gates

The homeowners often elect to paint the steel frame the same color as the gate finish.

exposed steel frames for wood driveway gates #9


wood gates

The FAAC bolted onto the bottom rail of the exposed steel frame.

exposed steel frames for wood driveway gates #18


Steel Frames

Driveway Gates #13 in San Geronimo, CA. as a double swing

exposed steel frames for wood driveway gates

wood gates Single Span in Berkeley, CA



  Hinging Systems--A few Examples    

wood gates

A Typical Counsel Type Hinge. One edge welds to the steel post or a steel mounting bar, and the other, concave edge welds to the gate plate


wood gates

The Ball-Bearing Knuckle Hinge, which is the most commonly used hinge system for gates with exposed steel frames and steel posts.


wood gates

image A
  Image B   Image C
wood gate hnge
hinges for wood driveway gates

Image D

  Image E   Image F

wood gates

A Typical Knuckle Hinge for gate with an embedded steel frame (Option #3 in the Base Price Tables. The plate is welded to the embedded frame and exposed so the knuckle hinges can be welded on site.

wood gates

Here we see an existing column of irregular stone. Accessing the inner core steel post is not possible. A flat stock steel plate is introduced, bolted with epoxied threaded rod.

wood gates

Below shows the steel plate exposed on the gate stile. It is welded to the embedded steel frame for a secure hold on larger gate openings. The hinge system in turn welds to the steel plate. The mounting plates are set to a dimension set by the installer.

driveway gate hinges
driveway gate pivot hinge
drive gate hinges
Image G
Image H
Image I

wood gates

CUBIC 6-6V for frequent use.
CUBIC 6H-6HV for heavy duty use.

In-Ground style motor/hinge. The hinging is a pivot bar drawn up from the grade-mounted motor that corresponds to a steel saddle, or plate, embedded into the bottom of the gate. Prowell provides this plate as per the installer's specs.
(More in-ground photos below: Embedded C & D)

To Ditec Entematic

wood gates

The top pivot hinge of an In-Ground system . The top of the gate's hinge stiles must be embedded with a steel plate, bored to accept the pivot pin at the same dimension as the lower pin. Without the steel plate, the pivot pin is fitted to the wood and the vertical grain of the stile may show a tendency to split under the stress of repeated movement.
(More in-ground photos below: Embedded C & D)

wood gates

Another example of the top pivot hinge of an In-Ground system. A steel 6x6 post that has been cut out to accommodate the lighted windows of a Prowell Column.

columns for wood driveway gates
columns for wood driveway gates
driveway gate hinges
Image J
Image K
Image L

wood gates

Typically the T-Bar is welded to the column core 6x6 hollow steel post as the columns are being built. It extends beyond the stone longer than necessary and is cut (torched) to the correct length when welding the hinge system and exposed steel frame.

wood gates

Normally there are two T-Bars, accommodating two hinges. Below they have elected for three T-bars, and three hinges because of a gate span than extends to 18' overall (Two 9' leaves)

wood gates

If your columns are existing, the chances are there is no 6x6 steel core post in the center, consisting only of poured concrete. Because it's hard to know, most contractors will make a judgment based on the age of the columns and elect to either set new steel posts to the inside behind the columns and hinge the gate from that. It is also acceptable to bolt a length of flat stock onto the column and weld the hinge system to this introduced steel plate. (1/2"Thick x 2" width). ---The point is that older existing stone columns are a gamble--they may or may not be worthy of supporting the new gate over the long haul.

driveway gate hinges
driveway gate stone columns
columns for wood driveway gates




* Ditec ' Cubic' In-Ground Automation

* Ditec ' Cubic' Technical Manual PDF

* Ditec PDF info for all Ditec motors and applications


San Francisco Bay Area Installations for Embedded Drive Gates with In-ground Motors:

Ted Olsen



* Option #3 is essentially four gates. each gate leaf is two fully constructed and mortised gates that are routed to accept the inner steel, and then laminated together to create a 3" total thickness.
* 95% of Option #3 Driveway Gates are automated.
* With the exception of the In-Ground motors, automation can be added at any time after the driveway gates are installed.
* With the exception of In-Ground, heavy duty pad-mounted motors are required.
* All Option #3 Driveway Gates have their steel frames invisibly embedded within the framework of the wood gate.
* Hinges weld to steel plate exposed along the edge of the gates.
* Hinging off steel posts or steel core masonry columns.

* The hinge system is at the discretion of the installer or automation contractor. CPW will provide any plates or mounts upon request. Whatever hinge system is preferred, Prowell will require from the installer their preferred clearance, which in turn determines our net gate widths.

A Few Explanatory Photos

wood gates

Showing a typical embedded gate leaf, prior to the mirrored leaf being laminated for the total of 3" thickness.

Embedded Frame
How to embed steel frames into wood driveway gates

wood gates

On the left, the small mounting plate welded and mortised out from the primary steel to accept the motor arm.
On the right, a typical mounting plate welded and mortised out from the primary steel frame to accept the hinge system.

Motor Arm Mount
Image A
Hinge Weld Plate
Image B
steel reinforced driveway gates
embedded steel frames for wood driveway gates
Image C
Image D
wood gates For in-ground motors, the bottom pivot plate is welded to the embedded steel frame--at the specified settings   wood gates The top alignment pin is weldedßßß proud at the specified diameter.
steel reinforced wood driveway gates
  embedded steel with wood driveway gates
Image E

wood gates Showing the In-Ground on site.

The CUBIC 6H-6HV for heavy duty use--- by Ditec Entrematic

In-Ground motors for wood driveway gates    




* Step by Step Full Installation Text

* Extentuating Circumstances

wood gatesPDF Specifications--sketches

*Plan View of Typical Set-up

wood gates Automation Motors--Links

*Polaris SL2000

*Elite Roboslide


The Sliding Driveway Gates are available only as two gates leaves surface-mounted to a single-span exposed steel frame.  You must have the parallel clearance equaling the gate span.  The gate rides on a 1" V-Track installed into the driveway surface and extending the span of the slide. If the grade is sloped, this V-Track is installed level by either leveling the grade or supported by a steel tube framework.  A secondary track runs parallel to the V-Track at approximately 2' height.  This is the alignment track.  A pair of dual rollers are mounted to the steel frame, with the dual rollers riding on each side of the alignment track.  As the gate slides, the rollers maintain the vertical alignment without coming into contact with the wood gate itself, which can blemish the wood finish over time.

A Few Explanatory Photos
Sliding Tracks
Sliding Tracks
sliding wood driveway gates =  

wood driveway gate frames


Dual Rollers
Dual Rollers

wood gates Examples of dual rollers mounted to the back of the columns or posts. In this set-up, the rollers ride across the top of the wood gate.

e. sliding wood driveway gates


wood gates The advantage is the elimination of the secondary track shown above. The disadvantage is the possibility of the rollers blemishing the wood finish over time

Sliding driveway gate rollers






* Step by Step Installation Text

* Extentuating Circumstances

wood gatesPDF Specifications

Various Mounting Applications

wood gates To Driveway Gates

*To Embedded Steel Frame

*To Exposed Steel Frame

*Mount to Lighted Columns

*Mount to Unlighted Column

wood gatesTo Pedestrian Gates

*To Wood Posts

*To Steel Post

*Center Mount


Prowell's Columns arrive with one side temporarily in place.  Removed on site to allow the column to slip over a wood or steel post.  The columns are sized with blocking to fit your specified site post. The standard outside dimension is 10-1/8" square.  Lighted columns arrive with the low-voltage fixture in place and the wiring left stubbed out at the bottom of the column for junctioning to the source.


A Few Explanatory Photos

Below, examples of the columns being fitted to a 6x6 steel post

driveway gate post wraps

driveway gate column



wood gates A Column mortised to accept a hinge support that has been welded to the steel post. 


wood gates The adjustable Sleeve Hinge shown mortised through the column for an In-Ground Operator


wood drive gate hinges

driveway gate hinge

wood gates In-Ground Operators require a hinge placement to pivot on the top of the gate.  Prowell provides the steel plate mounted to the top of the gate stile.


wood gates Knuckle style hinge shown mortised through the column and welded to the edge of the steel frame.

drive gate hinges
  hinges for wood driveway gates




* Step by Step Full Installation Text

Various Mounting Applications

wood gates As Garden Columns

*To Wood or Steel Post

wood gates Front Elevation Sketches

*Mount to Wall-Top

*Lighting Elevation

wood gatesAs Gate Columns

*To Embedded Steel Frame

*To Exposed Steel Frame

*Mount to Lighted Columns

*Mount to Unlighted Columns

*To Wood Posts

*#2 (To Steel Posts

*Center Mount



The lighted Garden Columns ship with a low-voltage fixture in place and the wiring stubbed out at the bottom for junctioning to the source. 

  wood gatesTypical upper grids of lighted columns--prior to the white plexiglas.   wood gatesThe columns are hollow, with blocking to accomodate either 4x4 or 6x6 support posts in wood or steel. Garden columns slip over the site posts, whereas gate columns arrive with one side removable so the columns can fit around the site posts and the 4th side closed on site.  
lighted wood landscape columns #8
building a lighted landscape column
  wood gatesLooking down into the column from the top.   wood gatesThe 36 LED fixture rated to 70,000 hours, with it's own low voltage transformer.  
how to build landscape lighted columns
  wood gates 14-gauge wiring stubbed out at the bottom of the column   wood gates Typical Column Cap #2-#16  
lighting fixture for wood landscape lighted columns
  prowell post caps for lighted landscape column  
  wood gatesAs a Gate Column, only two sides feature the open grids--facing the street and property. The other two sides are solid, as shown below, with a pair of small relief slots to both ventilate the lighting fixture but also providing an intrguing visual at night.      
wood lighted garden columns



The following text is copied and pasted from Prowell's Installation Manual.

Landscape Lighting Gate Columns: Drive Gate
(2-1/4" -thick gates under 12' overall width and not mounted to steel frames)

The Columns are shipped as 3-sided assemblies. The net width of your Drive Gate is configured to the width between the installed posts, less the dimensions of the columns.  Whether you are using 6x6 steel or wood posts, the columns are designed to slip into place around your existing posts, held snug to the post dimension by filler blocks mounted to the inside of the column. 

Before securing the fourth side, secure the Column to the inner post using the provided mounting bolts and the pre-bored locations found on the solid sides of the Columns.  Using these bores as guides, bore through the steel post wall when using steel posts, and secure the Column by using the bolts and lock-nuts provided. This is close to the top of the steel post and accessible. (Note: it helps to use a 1/4" or 5/16" dia. Tungston drill bit to bore through the steel post walls.) With the Column secured, the fourth side, usually facing the property, is secured to the column assembly.    Pre-bored screw holes mark the location.  Screws and wood plugs are provided with the Columns. (It is best to fit your wood plugs using exterior wood glue). If you want to insure this joint remains tight, use a bead of TiteBond 3 glue along th
ese edges before screwing to place.  Keeping in mind, however, that this requires you to lift the Column away from the steel post in the unlikely event it should ever need to be removed. 

For Lighted Columns:  Before securing the fourth side to the column, insure your low-voltage wiring is in place and fed out at the bottom of the Column, where it will be junctioned to the power source by your contractor. The Pedestrian or Wood Drive Gates hinge to the Column in exactly the same way they hinge to a normal post.  Drive gat6es are provided with 4-1/2" butt hinges, with the gates pre-marked, but the column hinge-holes left to be set on the site by the installer.  This procedure is covered in detail under the Installation Guide. 

With the gates hinged in place, the last step is to set the Post Cap over the column and secure it in place with the pre-bored holes on the cap apron.  The cap should be oriented so these holes are set to the solid faces of the Columns.

(Gates over 12' overall width and mounted to steel frames)

Drive Gates mounting to steel frames will require the 6x6 steel posts be configured with steel T-Bar straps that are welded to the steel posts.  These small flat-iron extensions are normally about 2-1/2" wide by 1/8-1/4" thick, and approximately 3-1/2" long.  Two per post.  The location of these are called out in the drawings provided by CPW of the steel frame dimensions.  Their exact dimensions are verified from the field once the steel posts and the steel frames have been installed by the automation contractor.  With this dimension, we make a small mortise in the Columns that allow them to slip over the steel posts and fit to the T-bar extensions.  The T-Bar extensions are long enough to extend proud of the Column approximately 1/2", allowing for the knuckle barrel hinge on the steel frame to weld to the ends of the T-bars.  This also insures that the entire bearing load of the wood gate and steel frame are drawn from the steel post and not the Wood Columns.

Landscape Lighting Garden Gate Columns

The columns arrive as three-sided assemblies, slipping around your gate posts and the fourth face fixing in place through pre-bored holes and plugs.  The garden gate hinges from the columns in exactly the same manner as when mounting from wood posts or jambs.

At 10-1/8" square.  The inside dimension is 7-1/8".  Filler blocks are  mounted inside the columns, planed to a thickness that accommodates the dimension of your post.  If your existing gate post is a surfaced 6x6 (5-1/2" sq), the net rough opening distance between the gate columns will be 4-5/8" less than between your posts.  This is the rough opening available for your gate.  So, for example, if you have 48" between surfaced 6x6 posts, your actual gate rough opening, with the columns in place, will be 43-3/8."  If you are using surfaced 4x4 posts (3-1/2" sq), your rough gate opening between columns will be 6-5/8" less.  A 48" opening between 4x4's nets, with columns, to 41-3/8".

The pedestrian gates hinge off the columns in the same manner as with wood posts or wood jambs.  This is also true for drive gates under 12' overall width, requiring no steel frame and at 2-1/4" thickness gates.

Landscape Lighting Garden Columns

The Garden Column was designed primarily as an architectural lighting source within the landscape. These require 4x4 or 6x6 wood or steel posts set into the grade and extending approximately 2-3 feet above ground.  The Column arrives as a compete four-sided assembly, slipping over the top of the wood post.  The wiring is fed out under the bottom of the Column and junctioned to a low-voltage power source. 

The Column is secured to the post using the pre-bored screw holes and wood screws.  The Column Cap slips over the Column and is secured using the pre-bored holes and screws.  Access to the fixture or Plexiglas sheets that back the upper grid pattern is allowed by removing the Cap.   


    More information can be found at Swing Installions


* Step by Step Full Installation Text

wood gates Various Mounting Applications

*Mounting with Chain

*Mounting with Rope

*Mounting to Stand #1

*Mounting to Stand #2

wood gates Hardware

*Chains, Ropes, Connectors, Springs


Prowell's Porch Swing represents the only product that bears some attention to physical liability. Please take care to hire someone sufficiently qualified to install your swing.  This would involve accessing the overhead supports for proper load-bearing properties.
Chain Supports

wood gates The swings with chain supports arrive with the chains bundled and fully assembled.  Requiring only the connection to the overhead springs and swivel mounts.


wood gates Arriving with each swing is 60" of 3/16" coated chain, connected at the apex to a 6' length of uncoated chain that ultimately links to the spring and swivel mounts on the overhead structure. At the open ends of the coated chains are the stainless I-bolts and clevis connectors.


wood gates The coated length is connected to a 6' length of non-coated chain with stainless Clevis Connectors.

wood swing chains
wood swing chain
coated chain for wood porch swings
Rope Supports

wood gates The swings with rope supports arrive with the rope bundled.  The connections to the I-Bolts on the swing is made easy with the Clevis Connectors provided and in place.  The connection at the ceiling requires crimping the provided brass crimps, securing the rope to the overhead connection.  This often can require either a bench vise or large channel locks. 


wood gates Showing the brass crimps securing the rope at the Clevis Connector



wood gates Foregoing the green swivel mounts to secure the spring directly to the ceiling framing. The rope is a continuous loop, crimped about 12" below the spring to prevent an unchecked pivot.

custom wood porch swing with cotton rope
cotton rope for wood porch swings
ropes and springs to hang wood porch swings





* Step by Step Installation Text

wood gates PDF Specifications

*Setting Posts to Last 30 Years!

*Example Layout

wood gates Options

Example Fence Layout

Sloping Grades

Terraced Grades

Setting Your Posts

Prowell Post Cap




The workmanship involved with Prowell's Fence Panels merits some attention to the installation. It's preferred that we don't drop the ball at this juncture and undermine the investment with an installation procedure that is less than acceptable.

wood fence installation

building a wood fence



wood gates The original Prowell Fence Panel.  Charles being photographed by Sunset Magazine installing the final panel of a 450-ft fence-line in 1995. Charles would continue to manage the installations for another four years before relegating this step to the responsibility of the homeowners and their contractors/carpenters.

charles prowell and Sunset magazin on site in Ross, CA

wood gates Not your typical off-the-shelf tongue and groove plank.  CPW fences with the solid pane style are milled specifically to provide the maximum surface mating mass.

Tongue and Groove Joinery
gate planks tongue and groove joinery

wood gates
Bran Van Rheena illustrating how the panel are easily installed between the posts

Installing prowell's wood garden fence

wood gates


Lift-Off Panels wood gates

For those panels utilized to wrap and conceal unsightly utilities, the Lift-Off Panel offers a convenient alternative to the cost of a seldom-used gate.
On the inside face of the panel, a series of mitered blocks supports the panel such that it can be lifted away for access. The Blocks marked 'A' below arrive mounted to the panel. The blocks marked 'B' are to be mounted to the posts. The net width of the panels are built 1/4" less than the opening between posts to allow for normal expansion durng the wet season.





wood gates


Cantilever Corners wood gates

Fence Style #2 below illustrates the aesthetics of our Cantilevered Corner. Utilizing a system of joints that insures the panel will not sag, it offers nothing more than a visual diversion that departs from every corner fenceline ever built.

Limited to a maximum of 24" x 24".

Inquire for pricing.

  wood garden fece #2 with Cantilever conrer in Marin County







*A Word About Installation

* Full Installation Manual


Although we have worked with hundreds, perhaps thousand, of contractors and installer around the country over the decades, we are no longer making these referrals outside the San Francisco Bay Area. Below are only those who we know and have a relationship with, some going back to the 1970's. Call any of those below for a site visit. Explain to them which Prowell product you are interested in. They will check in with Charles or Ben to discuss any specifications regarding the site and provide you a quote for installation, including labor and materials. There is no financial link between these installers and Prowell Woodworks. (Your product order, be it a swing or a gate or a fence, is separate).

Often it can facilitate the early process by following your initial contact with a site photos sent by email. You can send this directly to the installer, or cc Prowell Woodworks, or to Prowell Woodworks and we'll forward it to the appropriate installer and have them contact you with an approximate quote without the travel time to your site. At some juncture they will of course arrive for measurements and a face-to-face meeting, but for the early phase and initial estimates, it can be more efficient to handle this via email and site photos. We prefer to receive your orders in the form of an index with listed dimensions, and not a photo accompanied by architectural blueprints of your landscape that require us to act as your landscape architect.

iphone Facetime: To facilitate explanations of your site, try the FaceTime app on your iphone. This is a native app available on all iphones that allows you to speak with Charles or Ben live, and almost in person. Send an email to and propose a time when Charles or Ben can call you via FaceTime and with this instant video access, you can see us, and if you point your iphone to the matter at hand--your landscape--we can get a clear and simple concept of your needs. Simply talk on your speaker mode and explain while providing him with a video walk through.



East Bay, SF, Marin, Northern Peninsula.

Provident Construction
Brian Van Rheenan
Oakland, CA



East Bay, SF, Marin, Northern Peninsula.

Provident Construction
(see left column)

Sonoma and Marin Counties
Raul Sanchez

Embedded Steel with In-Ground Motors
Ted Olsen

Bay Cities Automatic Gate
San Carlos, CA


The Rest of the Country

Homeowners who are their own installers should understand they are welcome to call or write with their own questions and concerns, before or during their installation. For the most part, we will review that process over the course of your order. It should be noted that approximately half of all gate orders are installed by the homeowner themselves. Driveway Gate installations are best performed by qualified carpenters or contractors. The majority of fence installations are performed by carpenters, contractors, or landscapers. With your finished product will arrive a packet that will include: A Catalog; Appropriate Installation Guides; A reminder sheet of the most common mistakes made during installation; and the same dimensioned drawings that were originally approved prior to fabrication in the shop.



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