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*A Word About Installation

* Full Installation Manual


What we've learned over time:

1) Reccommending an installer who may have been involved with another of our projects in any given area intimates thate we know and trust him, when in fact we know only that an earlier project was installed without complaint.

2) Reccommending an installer we've never met who consequently visits your site is to present this installer as your first and only face-to-face connection to Prowell Woodorks. He may show up late, or not at all or perform the work ingloriously. He may be rude or unintelligent. His behavior impacts your impression of Prowell Woodworks.

3) Third-party installers regularly attempt to sway the homeowner against Prowell Woodworks in lieu of being hired to provide a facsimile of the same work themselves for a better price. Facsimile is the key here. The homeowner must often insist on their preference for the Prowell products and a cost to install such products.

4) Reccommending an installer associates Prowell Woodworks with that installer as if we were business associates and therefore liable for his or her workmanship.

5) We will often hear from whomever you eventually hire. They will call or write to check specifications or present a list of questions, which we will answer promptly. There is no link to competency or incompetency between those who reach out with questions and those who do not. What we can determine, from contact with your installer by phone or email, is their level of skill. Their level of experience in the trade. If there is reason to doubt their competency, we'll let you know.

6) Homeowners who are their own installers should understand they are welcome to call or write with their own questions and concerns, before or during their installation. For the most part, we will review that process over the course of your order. It should be noted that approximately half of all gate orders are installed by the homeowner themselves. Driveway Gate installations are best performed by qualified carpenters or contractors. The majority of fence installations are performed by carpenters or contractors, due largely to the very idea of the homeowner himself faced with digging multiple postholes into a soil substrate that may include clay, rock, roots, shale, and that horrible 'clink' when the posthole tool connects with the ceramic of a main plumbing line and the homeowner, an otherwise docile, good-natured fellow, becomes a ranting maniac in a sing song of expletives witnessed by all the neighbors and all the neighbors children and it's only the 96-yr old Widow Drew who leaves her porch swing and makes her way across the street to confront the suddenly sheepish posthole digger with a wagging figger to say, "Young man, you've bitten off more than you can chew."

7) With your finished product will arrive a packet that will include: Appropriate Installation Guides; A reminder sheet of the most common mistakes made during installation; and the same dimensioned drawings that were originally approved prior to fabrication in the shop.

For more on Installations, including pdf step-by-step guides for all products: <<<Regarding Installations




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