benches-swings prices

More information at Product Specifications.

Listed below are the Base price tables for our Benches and Swings from Gallery #6.  Within the galleries, each offering is given a percentage above or below this Base Cost, depending the complexity of the design. Calculate that percentage to the below costs.

PORCH & GARDEN BENCHES 3′ – 5′ Length 5′ – 6′ Length
Base Price $2,400 $2,700
PORCH AND GARDEN SWINGS 3′ – 5′ Lengths 5′ – 6′ Lengths
Base Price $3,000 $3,300

*To view Swing Stand #31:  36″ deep O.D. x up to 8′ width O.D.

* The Benches and Swings are built to withstand full exposure to the elements.
* The Swings offer either rope or coated chain supports. They ship with swivel ceiling mounts, heavy duty springs, and all connectors.
*More information is available on Product Specifications

porch swing #4aa

All commissions include, upon receipt of advance payment, a posting of statements, drawings, site photos (when applicable) and any data that might simplify communications. This site is available normally within a few days of payment and remains active for the duration of the project. Upon receipt of an email linking you to your site, it is necessary to review and approve the data before work can begin.

CANCELLATIONS: Because our products are custom made, a 25% fee is withheld for cancellations, or requests for a refund of the advance payment prior to approval of drawings. There are no refunds once the drawings have been approved