A 50% deposit is required. Within a day or two of receipt of your payment we will send you an email linking you to a Site Page to review your statement and drawings. If everything appears correct and no revisions are needed, we’ll send you an email that walks you though the steps of signing-off. If revisions are required, those of course are free of charge. We do not process your advance until we receive approval and are ready to begin your project in the shop. We’ll give you a heads up prior to processing that advance. If payment is by check, we do not deposit your check until work begins. Final payments by card will be processed upon completion of your order and prior to shipping. If by check, we do not ship or deliver until final payment is received. You will be notified of completed photos and the final statement once they are posted on your Site Page.


* If paying by card, Click on the image above to create your payment profile.

* If paying by check, mail to:
Prowell Woodworks, inc
445 Portal st Suite 5
Cotati, CA 94931

* If paying by card and you prefer to provide your billing information over the phone: 800-466-1850.

* Payment in cash is acceptable for those who simply prefer cash transactions. An option that is available to Bay Area residents only, obviously.


For those who are ordering hardware only, and are not ordering our wood products, please click here– CREATE PROFILE. Enter you billing information and list your order in the description box. For gate latches, provide us with the swing direction (see diagram below) and gate thickness. We will email you an invoice for confirmation prior to placing our order.

Rocky Mountain Hardware is typically 6-8 weeks out.

Hardware Returns: There is a 25% handling fee for the return of any hardware orders within one month of receipt of product and on the condition that the products are not damaged or blemished in any way. There are no refunds or returns once the items have been installed and exposed to the elements.

For items that are defective: Please mail the item back to us and upon receipt we’ll send you a replacement, or a issue a full refund.


Cancellations: Because we are a custom, made-to-order shop, there is a fee of 25% of your advance payment not to exceed $1,000 for cancellations prior to the approval of your drawings.

*There are no refunds once the drawings have been approved.

Pricing Quotes: Quoted and agreed upon pricing remains valid for 3 months from when your payment information is entered. If after 3 months and the project has not arrived at the stage of creating drawings, the original quote is subject to review.

Installation: Please download the Installation Manual. We highly recommend you make it required reading of your installer.

Standard Post Caps With the exception of the Prowell Post Cap, standard post caps are not included with gate and panel sales. Standard post caps are widely available locally or online.

Posts: Prowell does not inventory post-dimension stock for several reasons: Increasing the size and cost of your crate, as well as the added shipping weight results in a premium per-foot post cost. It is far more affordable to have your installer source these locally.

Please visit our hardware proposals. We will bore for your gate latch and mark your hinge screw placement only if your hardware is sourced from among our offerings. We will not bore for 3rd-party lock-sets and latches whose specifications we are not familiar with. Hardware selections are shipped directly to the site.
Prowell Woodworks Hardware

Standard or Electronic Lock-sets:The use of standard 2-3/8″ back-set locks over traditional gate latches (for garden gates) is not recommended. This includes certain electronic access specifications requiring minimal swing clearance. Normal expansion of your gate will occur and the clearance required for a standard 2-3/8″ lock-set (1/4″ max) puts the gate at risk, as it expands, to become wedged against the jamb, requiring the sort of effort with each passage that can damage the gate. We cannot support the integrity of any gate that uses a standard back-set lock-set. We insist upon the use of Gate Latches with horizontal Drop Bars allowing 3/8″-1/2″ clearance between the edge of the gate and the jamb or post.

Local Deliveries:Please inspect your products upon delivery. Damages or blemishes must be reported to Prowell Woodworks within 24 hours of delivery. * For sites within delivery range of the shops, there is the option of picking up your products at the shop.
See Shipping for Bay Area delivery fees

Crating and Shipping: It is always best to have someone present to accept delivery. In the event of a potentially damaged crate, you must sign off on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery noting the possibly damaged crate. If on later inspection, there is damage to the product, you must contact UPS freight at the number on your receipt to report this damage within 5 days of delivery and request an inspector. If damage is not noted on the delivery receipt and UPS is not contacted within 5 days, liability falls on the receiver. Prowell Woodworks will not automatically replace your damaged product free of charge.

Pre-Finishing: See Recommended Finishes

Finishes: The species and grade of wood and the design methodologies of our products preclude any need for so-called ‘Protective Finishes’. Barring abrupt impacts, the products will last interminably, whether you are in Duluth, MN or Atlanta, GA. But because finishes are also aesthetic choices, we offer pre-finishing within the scope of products selected in the same manner our hardware options are selected. The best and most appropriate products drawn from decades of experience. See Recommended Finishes

Site Finishes: For those who finish their products on site and who prefer opaque finishes such as paint and solid-body stains, or the use of exterior varnishes, please read our warnings on the Recommended Finishes. These finishes, although less acceptable, can be applied only when the products have been fully exposed to your regional climate for 4 weeks. This allows the cedar to acclimate and dimensional adjust to your climate w/o being inhibited by the resistance of solid, stiff finishes.

Translucent and semi-transparent finishes can be applied upon receipt of products.

Photos: Photographs of your completed installations are important. Without them and there would be nothing more to the web site that those product photos taken in the shop. Browsing those photos were helpful in your own choice to place an order, and similar photos of your completed project will be appreciated by those who follow. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing with Prowell high resolution photos of your completed installation, please notify us prior to entering your billing information.

Privacy/Security:We work to protect the security of your information during transmission through Star-field (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input. * We reveal only the last five digits of your credit card numbers when confirming an order. All payment data is deleted once the final payment has been processed.

Installation:: Installation not included. Posts and standard post caps not included. For Bay Area residents, we can, upon request, recommend installers who are familiar with our product installation.