Double Gates

All Gates in the Galleries #1 thru #1C are available as Double Gates. All of our double gates are born from the single gate styles. Simply double the cost of a single gate. There are a few single gates that suggest minor design revisions as double gates.


All double gates require a solid bronze cane bolt and a bronze stop. The Cane Bolt fixes one gate in place, to which the other, operable gate, latches. The Stop prevents the expensive latch from acting as the gate stop. You can source these yourself, or opt for our Rocky Mountain offerings.

Double Gates have the same 1/4″ hinge clearance as single gates. The center gap is 1/2″ instead of the single gate clearance of 3/8″.

double gates
cane bolt stop

Manual Double Drive Gates

A view from the property side of a pair of drive gates #21, showing the required hardware for non-automated double driveway or pedestrian gates. Non-automated driveway gates are generally restricted to those at 12′ or less overall rough opening width and requiring no steel frames.  

Although we could list the links to all the double gates shown on the galleries, that list would include some 75 examples. 

double wood gates with hardware

gate hardware for double wood gates