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SHIPS IN 3 + WEEKS (with BZ or LT Patina)

For the vast majority of our gates, we prefer to offer our ball-bearing solid brass steel 4-1/2″” butt hinge with a dark bronze or pewter patina. To match this hinge, your Ashley Norton latch patinas must be restricted to the BZ (dark bronze), TC (matt black), or WM (white bronze medium) finish. If you prefer one of the other patinas available by Ashley Norton, you might consider matching this with the Ashley Norton hinges. Latches and Dead Bolts are pre-bored in the shop for Gate patrons of Prowell Woodworks.


Shipping Timelines:
All products with the BZ or LT patinas are shipped direct to you in 3+ weeks. All other patinas are shipped direct to you in 7 weeks.

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All gates are prepped and bored for hardware sourced through Prowell Woodworks. We do not prep for hardware sourced elsewhere.
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Gate Swing Diagram