Garden Gates Price Tables

More information at Product Specifications.

Listed below are the costs for a standard Prowell Garden Gate. Within the galleries, every Wood Gate style is given a percentage above or below this Base Cost, linking to the table below.

*Do not forget to add or subtract any percentage assigned to the various gate styles.

  Rough Opening Sample Widths  To 6′ Ht (To spring-point) To 7′ Ht (To spring-point) To 8′ Ht (To spring-point)
Up to 48″ Width $2,800/per gate
(1-5/8″ thickness)
$2,910/per gate
(1-5/8″ thickness)
$3,360/per gate
(1-7/8″ thickness)
48″ to 60″ Width $3,550/per gate
(2-1/4″ thickness)
$3,760/per gate
(2-1/4″ thickness)
$4,100/per gate
(2-1/4″ thickness)

* Western Red Cedar only
* Pricing applies to both the trade and consumers.
* All Single Gate styles are available as Double Gates.
* All Single Gate styles are available as Driveway Gates.
* Design your own gate. Borrow and mix-match from one gate style to another.
* Hinges: See below

* Rough opening spans beyond 60″ are commonly designed as double gates. If you have, for example, a 72″ opening, you will price two gates from the first column above, or a single gate flanked by two Prowell Fence Panels. Spans of 60″ are often designed as Double Off-Set.

speakeasy style 3 in wood gate 112. prowell To view “Double Off-Set Gates”

speakeasy style 3 in wood gate 112. prowellRegarding exterior finishes

speakeasy style 3 in wood gate 112. prowellFor more detailed information and photo narratives visit Product Specification

Prowell’s Post Caps are made-to-order for any size

Prowell's Cedar post cap #1 custom wood post caps #2.prowell

Our Preferred Hinge: $100/pair

The Heavy-Duty Extruded Ball-Bearing 4-1/2″ Butt Hinge with in dark bronze or pewter patinas

Hinge Hut

general information for wood gates
shop portrait

All commissions include, upon receipt of advance payment, a posting of statements, drawings, site photos (when applicable) and any data that might simplify communications. This site is available normally within a few days of payment and remains active for the duration of the calendar year. Upon receipt of an email linking you to your site, it is necessary to review and approve the data before work can begin.

* CANCELLATIONS: Because our products are custom made, a 25% fee is withheld for cancellations (not to exceed $1000), or requests for a refund of the advance payment prior to approval of drawings. There are no refunds once the drawings have been approved


Extraneous Notes and Explanations

(Please see Product Specifications for comprehensive explanations of various details)

* All Garden Gates are shipped unfinished. See more on exterior finishes by Clicking Here
* All Garden Gates are made to your specific, dimensional needs
* Wood Gate widths 48″ or less default to 1-5/8″ thickness unless there is an aesthetic preference for 2-1/4″ thickness. Add $500+/- for 2-1/4″ thickness, depending on the gate design. (Individual Wood Gate widths beyond 48″ default to 2-1/4″ thickness)
* Click Here for requirements and optional solutions for Pool Code Gates.
* Fabricated in sustainable Clear, Kiln-Dried, Vertical-Grain Western Cedar w/minimum 20 growth rings per inch

* Click Here for more information regarding sloping grades.
* The net gate width will be 5/8″ less than the rough opening width between your wood posts. (3/8″ swing clearance + 1/4″ hinge clearance)

* Gates ship with the hinge holes marked on the edge of the gate (Do not flat-mount the hinges.). The net gate widths are designed with the hinges to be surface-mounted to both the gate and the post or jamb, creating 1/4″ clearance between the gate and the hinge post. It is essential to allow air flow and light on all six planes of the gate (The hinges are not to be mounted spread flat across the post and gate.). Although Western Cedar possesses excellent properties and tannins that are inherently resistant to fungus, by surface-mounting the hinges we eliminate any temptation for bacterial fungus to establish itself and develop into dry rot. Commonly illustrated in the bottom rail of, say, a window sash, resting against the windowsill, or a deck board seated on a joist. Both applications create dark, damp environments without light or air flow, which is adored by micro organisms.

* Standard Lock-sets: The use of standard 2-3/8″ back-set locks over traditional gate latches (for garden gates) is not recommended. Normal expansion of your gate will occur and the clearance required for a standard 2-3/8″ lock-set (1/8″-3/16″) puts the gate at risk of becoming wedged against the jamb, requiring the sort of effort with each passage that can damage the gate. We cannot support the integrity of any gate that uses a standard residential lock-set.; We insist upon the use of Gate Latches with horizontal Drop Bars allowing 3/8″ clearance between the edge of the gate and the jamb or post. Click Here to read more on standard locksets and electronic access.

Mounting to Masonry Columns or Walls
————- You will be provided with jambs (normally 1-1/2″T x 3-3/4″W: +$200) These mount to your columns or wall with your installer’s preferred method–most often 3/8″ x 4″ spread bolts. The gate will hinge and latch off these jambs. Your net gate width, with jambs, will be 3-5/8″ less than your rough opening width between columns or walls.
————-If your columns are to be clad with irregular stone, it is best to mount temporary jambs to the block core and then set the stone up to the jamb. This is replaced with the Prowell jambs that arrive with the gate. The jambs must be the thickness from the block core to the proudest stone, plus 1/2″ allowing the gate to swing open to 110-degrees. This depth dimension from core to stone face will be required, and called out in your drawings. Below is an example of an embedded jamb in progress, where the stonemason uses a mock jamb to set his stone. The jamb is removed and replaced with the arrival of the Prowell jamb and gate. Click Here to see more at Product Specifications