Prowell Hardware defaults to a hand-chosen selection of solid bronze gate hardware from Rocky Mountain Hardware (RMH). What we believe are the most durable and elegant products available within the gate hardware genre. For the vast majority of our gates, we prefer to offer our ball-bearing bronze 4″ butt hinge, in either a dark bronze or nickel plated finish. To match this hinge, your RMH latch patinas must be restricted to dark bronze, or the medium white bronze.. If you prefer one of the other patinas available by RMH, you might consider matching this with the RMH hinges instead of the Prowell hinge.

Latches and Dead Bolts are pre-bored in the shop for Gate patrons of Prowell Woodworks.

All Latches are 8+ weeks

Rocky Mountain’s extensive gate hardware collection allows the style of hardware to be carried from residence to landscape. Select from the combinations as seen below, or choose another handle/lever. Click on a product image below to learn more.

All gates are pre-bored and prepped for all latches and dead bolts sourced through Prowell Woodworks. We do not prep for hardware sourced elsewhere.
prepping for Rocky Mountain gate latches

Gate Swing Diagram

Gate Wooden