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To a Maximum 60″ width


The Open Grid Wood Fence Panel #4, modified from our fence style #19 for Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone Magazine. Featuring approximately 7″ sq grids and the minimalism of the panel stiles and rails equal to the same widths as the grid dividers.

The below example is pre-finished with a custom-mixed WoodRx. Maximum width of 60″

custom wood open grid fence panel #4


Tivoli, New York

A portion of Wood Fence Panel #4 along the upper Hudson as a perimeter pool fence spanning 740 linear feet. Designed in collaboration with Trimble Architecture, NY NY

Gates and Fences. 119 panels and 8 gates. In maintaining pool codes of no openings larger than 4″, the panels will eventually receive a 1/4″ copper wire mesh.

wooden pool fence panels on the Upper Hudson River


Tivoli, New York

Wood Fence Panels #4 provides an open aesthetic to a rural environment. An inappropriate choice would be any of the solid or partially solid Fence designs.

open grid pool fence enclosure in New York


Tivoli, New York

60 acres along the Hudson River. Showing the beginning of the pool-house and garden arena.
Insert lower left: this portion of the property from an aerial view.

* The project itself took much longer than was anticipated. Each draft of the design drawings were reviewed by the architectural team, but more so, the homeowner himself, who was hopscotching between a primary brownstone residence in Manhattan, or a secondary residence in Sun Valley, or on the ski slopes in Austria. The farmhouse here, along the Hudson, being the secondary secondary residence. The 1843 farmhouse was fully renovated over two years, while the 62 acre property, at the later objections of the community, had been cleared of well over 100 trees in an effort to improve the view of the river. The final straw was an application for a helipad, followed by standing-room only city council meeting. What had been a beautiful view from the Saugerties Lighthouse . . .” wrote one council member, ” . . . now looks like a golf course designed by a committee of drunken lumberjacks”

custom wood fence panels on the upper Hudson house for rolling stone founder jaan wenner

Fence Panel style #4 was created in collaboration with:
Trimble Architecture PC
250 W Broadway, NY, NY

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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