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The benchmark of Design and Structural Integrity for Wood Driveway Gates

Installation & Automation not included


  • All wooden driveway Gate designs are available as single or double pedestrian gates.
  • Wood fence panels can match any driveway gate designs.
  • Design your own Custom Driveway Gate. Borrow and mismatch to create the gate design you want.
  • The Prowell manual and automatic wooden driveway gates are shipped or delivered in unfinished clear, kiln-dried, vertical-grain Western cedar with 20 growth rings minimum per inch.
  • Posts and caps not included.

Our wooden entry gates with an overall width over 12′ require a steel frame. Option #2 on the Driveway Gate Price Table

There are four galleries of Pedestrian Garden Gates, nearly all of which are suitable as Driveway Entry Gates.

Our wooden driveway gates can be mounted to wood posts, steel posts, or masonry/stone columns with steel post cores.

Visit our Product Specifications. You’ll find photos and text illustrating the answers to many of your questions

No Nails. No Screws. No Fasteners. No Metal Period. Just the Art of Joinery.

Design your own gate. Borrow and mix-match from one style to another to create your own unique wooden driveway gate designs.

cleaning ladyThis is Lewella Longings. Her job is doing what you likely don’t imagine needs doing. Every day she dusts and cleans all these dadgum gates. Sooo many gates. She’s happy now, once she summoned the courage to leave her native Ohio and relocate to the anything goes west coast, where she summarily changed her name, fell blindly in love with Adlai Means–chief linquist for Prowell Woodworks, and landed a coveted job dusting the Prowell shop. Although she answers by long habit to Addeline, she prefers Lewella. Lewella Longings. Loo Loo. The Loo Loo with the unlikely beau. The Adlai fresh from a 10-year tenure with the Hallmark Greeting Card Co. to the role of Prowell’s rebellous wordsmith. The flowery, purple-prose lyricist who claims repentance from fake sentimentality in a declaration of lasting love for the only girl from Ohio he’s ever known.

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