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o a Maximum 60″ width & 60″ ht


Custom Wood Fence Panels with Continuous Single Pickets and Joined Patterns.

Wood Fence Panel #6 extends to a maximum 60″ height. The simple reasoning with this is that beyond 60″ and the risk of the pickets developing a bow over time increases. If you prefer fence designs with a height beyond 60″, and are drawn to this #6 style, consider Fence style #16. Or Fence Style #2., which incorporates a middle horizontal rail.

custom wood fence panel in Connecticut

Princeton, New Jersey

Prowell’s Wood Fence Design #6 within the pleasant environment of an established landscape.

wood garden fence 6. prowell


Princeton, New Jersey

Like all Prowell Wooden Fences: Style #6 is identical on both sides. Mortise and tenon joinery.

wood Garden Fence Panels #6


Princeton, New Jersey

The open-mindedness of architectural diversity: It looks like we’ve got a Dutch Tudor sharing a neighborhood with a Federal Colonial, and because there is a courteous height to the plantings separating the two, we are encouraged with how pockets of social graces continue to exist and thrive. Perhaps our Fence enhances this shared appreciation for beauty.


Prowell’s former front garden in Sebastopol, CA

Most municipal codes require maximum heights of 42: for the first fifteen feet back from the walk or front easement. This insures against a neighborhood of unneighborly fortresses.

Here we show the original prototype for the Garden Fence #6, which found a place in the front garden of the Prowell home in Sebastopol, CA. The fence color links to the body of the house, while making a fine perch for the family cat, ‘T-Ball.’

custom wood fence panel #6-1 in Sonoma County, CA


Sebastopol, CA

A look at one small corner of the Prowell Miniature Bonsai Garden near the end of it’s 15-year existence.


Sebastopol, CA

Prowell’s Miniature Bonsai Garden, which over the years had become an unlikely depository of trinkets and odd-ball offerings left by passersby and children until eventually the trinkets had to be cleared out every few months to make room for even more trinkets. What started this is anyone’s guess, but the children (and the curious) were drawn to this small garden with the lure of a hands-on fantasy. Shown is only about 1/4th of the entire bonsai garden.

Over the years, the bonsai trees grew stouter and with wonderful character as the garden itself expanded, and expanded, until it encompassed the entire front edge of the garden. But all things must end and in 2012 the Prowells moved. The trees were dispersed as gifts, some of them by then worth a sizable sum.

To see more of the Miniature ‘Contributor’s Garden‘.

Prowell's Bonsai Miniature Garden

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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