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The outdoor garden gates #102 features an Octagon speakeasy portal Style #5.

cropped photo showing the outdoor garden gates #102


Secret Location, USA

The inviting entry #102 with its window gate security portal.

During the pandemic and the endless smokey skies of early fall 2020, Ben and Charles decided to forego their normal delivery service for an opportunity to get out of the shop. Within the same neighborhood as the delivery, they made the rounds of those projects in the vicinity from which no completed photos were sent back. The photo below was the first stop, taken two years after delivery of the gate. The two years spent razing the existing home and building a new home, coupled with a full re-landscaping design, bordered by mature hedges that obscured everything but the gate. A home with security personnel stationed on the walk directly to the right of this photo as Charles and Ben arrived. Within minutes, three more security personnel appearing through an auxiliary gate. The woodworkers, standing on the public sidewalk, assessed the situation and returned to their truck parked at the curb. A home, they later learned, occupied by FaceBook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

site photo showing wood gates with window #102 in palo Alto, california


Wooden Gate with Window. The textured opaque glass was sourced and installed by the homeowner.

A few years following the above site photo we learned from a neighboring project that the #102 homeowner had succeeded in buying every house along his block. Which left us wondering: Why? Were the homes subsequently rented? Or left empty, thereby insuring a level of privacy, buttressed by security guards, unequaled by the headiest of Heads of State.

site photo showing window gate security #102 in Silicone Valley, California


Speakeasy wood gate portal #5, photographed in the shop–obviously.

Shop photograph cropped to show the window wood gate security of #102

How do I build a wood gate?


The basic geometry of creating the portal speakeasy for window gate #102:
1) Option 1 is to draw a circle and dissect it into 8 parts, as shown on the cardboard below.
2) A much simpler option is to draw a square equaling the outside dimensions you’re creating. In this instance, 17″ x 17″.
Divide it into thirds with 3 horizontal lines.
Divide it into thirds vertically to create 9 equal squares.
Connect the points on the 4 outside corners to create four equilateral triangles.
Connect the four sides and erase to the original square and you have the Octagon.

cropped image of shop photo showing the geometry of wooden gate with window #102


The inner grid pattern must be joined to the octagon in segments. A realization that will ultimately make itself obvious if you stare at it long enough.

shop photo showing how to join the outdoor garden doors octagon wood gate window 102


Clamping the octagon joints to the pattern using hose clamps.

photograph showing how to clamp wood octagons together for gate #102

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