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Greenbrae, CA

The contrast of a white stucco privacy wall with the WoodRX Chestnut finish on wooden gate door #29-10 in Greenbrae, CA (Marin County)

Rocky Mountain gate latch E414 and the matching deadbolt DB511.
Because the gate height is only 48″, the dead bolt has been placed below the latch, making it somewhat cumbersome–although not impossible–to reach and release by reaching over the short gate.

More on Pre-Finish Options

custom wood garden gate #29-10a in marin county, CA


Greenbrae, CA

One of two entry access wood gates to the property

on site photograph of arched wood gate #29-10 in Greenbrea, California


Seattle, Washington

Prowell’s inimitable wood garden gate 29-18. Copied, undercut, and knocked-off by more aspiring gate-makers than there are diamond thieves in South Africa.

How hard can it be? it’s one of the simpler gates we offer. And yet for almost a dozen consecutive years–long before the first knock-off artist arrived on the scene– #29 held the top spot in sales from an expanding corpus of the original ten gate styles to when we reached 80 and only then did it slip. Slip to below the top ten over the following few years because 1) We developed the similar Gate style #31 and #30- 2) Our later designs were simply better? 3) The knock-offs had propagated like baby buzzards, zeroing in on the simplest of Prowell’s designs that fell within their do-able sphere; 4) No one is impressed with the original connection to Isabel Allende since no one actually still reads her books? Or reads at all.

We begin with a late 2017 commission in Seattle, returning to the landscape architect Bill Williamson who has repositioned the horizontal middle rails to accommodate the decorative hinge-fronts. He has also shown us his own solution to the common setting for the #29 that fits to an encompassing surround stucco wrap. The jambs here had been embedded into a pre-formed casting, allowing the gate itself to fill the opening w/o the visible muscle of the jambs. There is also a bent-lamination header trim to complete the entry.

on site photograph showing wood gate door 29-18 in Seattle



Rocky Mountain latch E414.
Rocky Mountain Dead Bolt: DB507
Rocky Mountain Decorative Hinges OHS137

another site photograph showing the privacy gate 29-18 in seattle


San Rafael, CA

The original wood garden gate #29 was designed and created for novelist Isabel Allende in Marin County, CA.
For 25 years commanding the top position on this page until up-ended by someone in the above photos who simply knows their way around a camera lens.

Note: The false hinge-fronts shown were custom made by a small decorative ironworker in North Carolina who is no longer practicing his trade.

site photograph of wood privacy gate 29 in marin county, california


San Rafael, CA

A good gate design incorporates the Gate, the Garden, and the Home, into a single context.

photo showing Wood garden gate for Isabel Allende


San Rafael, CA

Showing Prowell’s original Wood Driveway Gate #6, designed as a compliment to the garden gate #29.

image showing the site with fence gate door 29 and driveway gate #6 in marin county, california.


San Rafael, CA

The wood garden gate #29 marking the entry into the back patio, flanked by a pair of Prowell’s matching solid fence panels@ Base + 4%

photo showing the side entry wood gate and fence in marin county, california

Prowell’s original wood privacy gate #29, featured in:
Fences, Gates, and Walls Shiffer Publishers.2007
Click Here to view this PDF publication
Click Here to view the gallery of articles and features.

books and magazines on wood gates and fences


San Francisco, CA (Sea Cliff neighborhood)

Privacy garden gate #29-19 slopes 1″ left-to-right. Warranting no change in the gate’s construction.
The driveway gate, however, slopes 7″ over 9-1/2′, requiring Option C of the Sloping Grade Options

photograph on site showing privacy fence gate in san francisco


San Francisco, CA

Once in a while Prowell will agree to providing the header jamb. For this, we require a template of the opening mailed to us. No mathematical radiuses. A tangible template, from which we can match the existing arch.

Hinges sourced by the homeowners

P.S: The gray skies? If you move to the Sea Cliff neighborhood of San Francisco, you’ve made a pact with yourself to welcome 300 days a year of fog so thick, the Golden Gate Bridge in the near distance is a faint outline. The same bridge that added a small fortune to the price you paid to have such a view in the first place. On the other hand, if you detest heat, humidity, blazing sunlight, ice storms, hurricanes, snowstorms, and rampaging floodwaters, the Sea Cliff neighborhood is a slice of heaven. Highs in the low 60’s and lows in the high 50’s, day after day after day.

site photograph showing privacy gate #29-19 in San Francisco. prowell


Palo Alto, CA
+ Optional Bronze clavos



Arched garden gate #29-20 opts for full 6×6 cedar posts over the standard jambs of 1-½” thickness. Posts sourced by installer.

showing the arched gate between stucco pillars in Palo Alto, california


Palo Alto, CA

A look at the residence, as well as the accompanying Driveway Gate Style #8.

Photo showing the arched gate and driveway gate #29-20a in Palo Alto, CA. prowell


Alamo, CA

Wood garden gate #29-21 adorned by mature rose bushes.

photo showing wood gate door #29-21 in california


Seattle, WA

Less a photo highlighting the privacy wood gate than something to show us how the gate itself is one component in a wheel of contributing elements. The gate is mildly distressed to help create the look of an aged setting.

photo of the residence in seattle with wood gate 29-20


Houston, Texas

One of a series of Gates and Flanking Panel Fence designs for the East Shore of the Woodlands Housing Park in Houston,Texas.

Flanking Panel Price Link: Base less 4%

photo of a housing development with wood gate 29 in Houston, Texas


Houston, Texas

The only photo we have of the completed East Shore Walk in the Woodlands Park, Houston.. Although not visible, each of the homes have a distinctive Prowell garden gate and flanking panels leading off the walkway.

Site photo showing the community walkway with wood gates #29 in Houston, Texas


Little Rock, Arkansa

The established beauty of locally quarried stone pillars is always a plus.

Showing the RMH Bronze decorative hinge-fronts OHS106
RMH latch E701

Photograph of the garden and arched wood gate 29 in Little Rock, Arkansas

Base Price + 12%
+ Speakeasy


Hampstead, North Carolina

As a semi-privacy fence gate leading into an inner foyer courtyard.

Featuring Speakeasy Style #2, where the normal placement of the two horizontal mid-rails on the standard #29 have been altered to accommodate the speakeasy at 58″-62″ ht from grade.

site photo showing privacy gate #29-19 with speakeasy in North Carolina.

At the risk of boring you, we’ll scroll through a few more offerings of Gate style #29


Base Price + 12%
Tiburon, CA

A typical arched gate #29 within a typical Californian propensity for stucco privacy walls.
All so very very typical. Not so typical if you’re viewing this image from just about anywhere else on the planet.

And for the heck of it, the view looking out from the inner courtyard– Tiburon Bay, Belvedere, and the San Francisco skyline. A view that’s configured and negotiated into the asking price of the actual lot and the house like the blue-ribbon appendage that it is.

custom gates in Marin County, ca
custom gates in Marin County, ca


Price: Base + 23%/ per gate
Apple Valley, CA

The double Wood privacy gates #29-5 with a full Roman arch.

garden gates in Los Angeles
garden gates in Palm springs


Price: Base + 12% /per gate
Tyler, Texas

A seemingly impenetrable sense of privacy and security. And yet with the thoughtful planning of a lawn and garden bed, as well as the integrity of locally quarried stone, the setting speaks more to an inviting enclosure than the formidable fortress of an entry privacy gate.

Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E504

photograph showing the entry privacy gate #29-6 in Tyler, Texas


Sent in 20+ years ago –Before our databases and hence, an unknown location

More stucco. Stucco, stucco, stucco. A landscaping motif of painted stucco walls and stucco sidewalls with the blended privacy gate stained a shade or two off the prevailing color.

photo of the gate and stucco walls in an unknown location


Price: Base + 12% /per gate
Santa Barbara, CA

Showing a semi-solid stain matching the house trim. Regarding such finishes: We suggest you allow the gate to air out, or acclimate to it’s first exposure to the full climate of sun and precipitation prior to applying any painted or solid-body finishes. Anything, basically, that is not an absorbing finish.

Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E701

photo showing entry gate 29-8 with stucco columns in santa barbara, california


Avila beach, CA

An opportunity to show the proportions of 45″ width x 50″ ht, sent in from Avila Beach, CA, just a few minutes north of Pismo Beach

We also show columns with an irregular, uneven stone, requiring the temporary jambs be mounted to the cinder block core before the stone is ste. The total thickness of the jambs is 3-3/4″, which is the distance from the block to outermost stone, plus 1/2″. For more on jambs to irregular surfaces, see Product Specifications
RMH latch E414 with the L105 Beaver Tail lever.

photograph showing Wood Privacy Gate in Pismo Beach, california


Price: Base + 12% /per gate
Montclair, CA

Wood privacy gate shown with flanking panels and Arbor #1-3

site image showing gate #29-12 in Oakland, CA


Staten Island, NY

An example of irregular stone columns where the Prowell jambs are embedded to mount directly onto the block core. The jamb thickness is the depth of the outermost stone, plus 1/2″.

Shown with the Bronze Ornamental Hinge-fronts

photo with stone columns and garden gate #29-13 in Staten Island, NY


Price: Base + 12% /per gate
Napa, CA

An older gate from the mid-90’s when we were still using figured grain instead of vertical grained cedar. It also appears as if a finish with a sealant coat was used, which results–within months– with a splotchy, often crackling appearance. Read more: Exteriors Finishes and More

solid wood privacy garden gate #29-14


Watkinsville, Georgia

The spindly pine forests of Georgia.

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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