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Security privacy wood gates #108 is a simple horizontal alignment of joined floating T&G planks.

cropped photo showing security privacy wood gates #108


Mill Valley, CA

Security privacy wood gates #108 flanked by fence style #39

Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E236
Pre-finish: WoodRX ‘Mahogany’

site photograph showing wood privacy wood gate #108 in Mill Valley, California


Mill Valley, CA

Obviously, the #108 wood gate goes with almost any architecture. And yet a look at one of the more common motifs, with the declarative simplicity of the 1950’s-60’s.
site photograph showing the wood gate #108 in Marin County, California


Mill Valley, CA

Typical accompanying garden fence style #39

Cropped photo showing the garden fence design #39


Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

G ate #108-6 with what is easily the most prominently displayed address on the web site.

RMH latch E236

horizontal woood gate #108-7 in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina


Sausalito, CA

A fully renovated home tucked into the hills of Sausalito, embellished with original verandas and terraces and no shortage of architectural details, all of it accessed by the simplicity of our security privacy wood gates #108.

RMH latch E414 and Dead Bolt DB507
RMH House Numbers

site photo showing security privacy gates #108-3 in Sausalito, California


Sausalito, CA

If you have an opportunity to visit the Bay Area, be sure to set aside time for a hike through the labyrinth of old, winding narrow roads situated above downtown Sausalito. This is the real attraction to this iconic bayside town. Not all of the homes are as spankingly renovated as this, but all of them making for one of the best urban hikes in the country.

An overwhelming color code here of muted marine blues and white trim, with the privacy gate #108-3 as the only wood-toned element. We should add that the garage is a new addition, abutting out to upstage the architectural theme of this 19th century home while making no concession whatsoever to blend.

another site photograph showing the renovated homes in Sausalito, with the privacy security wood gates #108-3


San Rafael, CA

Security privacy gates #108-1 feature the same horizontal solid panel but with an arched top rail.

Shown with the Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E414 and deadbolt DB507
(Because the gates technically are the only barrier between us and the pool, the latch and dead bolt are at the height of local codes. 60″ from grade in this example.)

Third-party arbor

site photo showing security privacy gates #180-1 in San Rafael, california


Carlsbad, CA
With middle horizontal rail
The privacy gate wood #108-4 featuring a middle horizontal rail.

Rocky Mountain latch E236
Lockey Mechanical Dead Bolt #2210

site photograph showing privacy gate wood 108-4 in Carlsbad, California


Cupertino, CA

Wood privacy gate 108-2 fitted within a stucco surround.

site photograph showing wood gate 108-2 in Cupertino, California


San Diego, CA.
With middle horizontal rail

Wood privacy fence wood gate 108-5
With irregular stone on the column, the embedded jamb is mounted directly against the column’s block core. The thickness of the jamb is the measurement from the block to the outermost stone, plus 1/2″ (to allow free swing without striking a stone). The standard gate jamb width is 3-3/4″, unless requested otherwise.

site photograph showing security privacy gates 108-5 in san diego, california


Castro Valley,CA

Security privacy gates 108-6
Showing a jamb mounted to the wall’s block core and the stone cut to the jamb on either side.
The latch side has no jamb, or post, engaging to a strike mounted directly to the house corner-board.horizontal wood gate #108-6 in Castro Valley, CA

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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# 108–1505-Rossen
#108-4– 1850-Halverson