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Simple double privacy wood garden gates created for recording artist Linda Perry. In this example, the latch is pre-bored at 60″ height to satisfy local codes for a pool gate. All county codes require that Pool Gates swing out, away from the pool, and that they be self closing and self latching. Some counties set a required height for the latch.

More on Pool Gate Codes

Privacy Gate #72 is limited to 66″ height

cropped image of double gates #72


As a single solid privacy garden gate.

cropped photo showing #72-1


Chicago, Illinois

The wood garden gates style #72 in Chicago, with a lovely brick perimeter wall. A long and illustrious history in Chicago of some of the most outstanding brickwork anywhere in the country, and not to exclude the ubiquitous Chicago Brick Bungalows.

So why is it that from the early 19th century, Chicago has been the epic center for American Architecture? Both residential and commercial.

In the 1870’s, after a century of being a step behind St Louis as the trading center for Westward Ho commerce, Chicago came of age. The Civil War ended with an industrial boom not so dissimilar to the 1920’s following WW1, and the 1950’s after WW2.

The industrial tycoons flaunted their beef and crop profits made possible by the advent of the railroad that replaced the more cumbersome barges on the Chicago Canal. But even more so it was due to the age of machinery that belonged to Chicago. Innovative machinery that redefined manufacturing, and with revolutionary minds came a revolutionary approach to architecture, still in tact to this day.

site photograph showing main gate 72-2 in Chicago, Illinois


Petaluma, CA (Sonoma County)

The wood garden gate design #72-2 shown from within the newly landscaped property in Petaluma, CA.

site photograph showing wooden double gates 72-2 in Petaluma, California


The same privacy garden gate and panels viewed upon approach, and with the final coat of paint.
Flanking Panels: Base Less 4% with the bottom and top rails matching the rail widths of the gate.

Showing the Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E414.

site photograph showing privacy main gate #72-2 in Sonoma County, california, CA


San Francisco, CA

The solid privacy gates #72 utilized to conceal window washing equipment on the 27th floor of a San Francisco high rise.

site photograph showing fence gate for privacy 72-3 in San Francisco, california


San Francisco, CA

The equipment, walled off on one side with the access gate #72, and soon-to-be-installed gates shown above visible in the right bottom corner.

site photograph showing #72-3 in san francisco, california


Berkeley, CA

To the quick eye, it might appear odd that we have a privacy main gate flanked by an open, shorter wrought iron fence. We can only assume there is a privacy hedge planned.
Shown with Rocky Mountain latch E358

site photograph showing gate 72-4 in berkeley, california


Palo Alto, CA

Double privacy custom wood garden gates #72 with lower slots.
Two conditions warrant this feature:
–The gates enclose an HVAC utility that requires venting.
–Visibility exposure for your pets to witness the passing world beyond their fenced borders

Slots: 2″ wide x 16″ ht

cropped photo showing double privacy gates 72-5


Base Price less 8%
Palo Alto, CA

Single Wood Garden Gates style #72-5 as the side private entry into the backyard.
Featuring the Sure-Close hydraulic hinges, the Lockey mechanical deadbolt #2210, and the Rocky Mountain latch E414

As a Pool-Code gate, the SureClose hinges are one of several options for self-closing hinges.
The latch is set at the code of 48″ above grade, and opening out, away from the pool.
The Lockey Deadbolt is mechanical and does not rely on batteries or electricity. It is set at a height that prevents reaching over the gate and releasing the thumb-turn.

The SureClose hinges and Lockey Mechanical Dead Bolt are not available through Prowell, although we link these to their manufacturer’s site for your convenience.

To read more on Pool Code Gates

site photograph showing #72-5a in Palo Alto, California


Base Price less 8%
Palo Alto, CA

The are are only half a dozen wooden privacy garden gate designs offered as fully solid gates with no visibility.  see “Similar Gate Styles” at the bottom of the page.


he side entry to this property, also falling within the pool code restrictions.

site photo showing privacy fence gate 72-5b in palo alto, california

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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