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A variation on wood garden gate design #67, and with wider upper grid dividers

The two upper patterns of both 67 and 68 are often a solution to dead bolt security, disallowing any clearances large enough to reach through the grid and release the dead bolt.

cropped image sowing gate design #68


Oakland, CA
W/mortised open squares
Base Price + 15%


The original custom wood garden gate #68 in Oakland, California, mounted to flanking stone walls–embellished with Prowell’s early Wall-Top Lighting Column #16.

We are also showing the open mortised squares along the middle horizontal rail, which are not available on gates of 2-1/4″ thickness, as illustrated above, and again below.

site image of custom gate #68 in Oakland, california


With A 2-1/4″ thickness gate design, the grid dividers are 1-1/2″ thickness.

cropped photograph of gate wooden 68

Wood Gate Design #68 in Style 1900 Magazine

link to Style 1900 Magazine with gate wooden 68

Style 1900 magazine (Spring 2011)
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Santa Anna, CA

Wood garden gate designs #68-1 is shown with two flanking panels, built by the homeowner’s carpenter to mimic the Prowell Fence Panels. The homeowner was careful not to disclose the full extent of this project–ordering simply the gate as a stand-alone commission. In retrospect, with the supplied photos, it would probably have been best to defer on this project.

If you are a painter hired to paint a portrait and the patron requests that you leave out the background so a painter he knows can paint that in cheaper, and then requests that you in fact leave out everything but the face as his painter can also paint all that in and do it in your mimicked style, and then the lasting request that you sign it, please.

Now the problem exists when the 3rd party fence begins to show it’s age. A mimicked methodology that does not include the joinery nor the more time-consuming details that were developed to Prowell’s original fence design. Folks in years to come recognize prowell’s gate–and fence– and because the flanking fence panels are similar, somewhat, they may understandably assume the panels are Prowell’s as well, and yet the panels are a shambles and their incurred opinion of Prowell’s work as a whole takes an unkindly blow.

custom wood garden entry gate 68-1 in Santa Anna, CA


Custom wood garden gate #68-2, with its confusingly similar grid pattern. Originally designed to accompany Fence Style #29

What’s this? A photo bomb cameo by Prowell’s illegitimate twin brother, the bastard Chuck.

cropped photo showing custom gate 68


Bethesda, Maryland

The accompanying Fence style #29, in Bethesda, Maryland at only 36″ width.

The Bastard Prowell has breached security and gained access to a Prowell job site, shadowing his twin brother’s accolades. Is Charles even aware that Chuck exists? And who’s the culprit? His humble father? Or perhaps his mother, the legendary beauty and her wake of drooling admirers stretching beyond the brick n’ mortar strata of earth itself.

site photo showing gate wooden 68 in Bethesda, Maryland


Bethesda, Maryland

Another view of the matching wood garden fence #29.

cropped photo showing garden fence 29


Coming soon

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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